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April 21st :)


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If you go into it expecting a 'FIFA standard' game you'll be let down. They've done a good job of capturing the feel of the game. I'm playing on Rookie mode and the AI isn't a slouch. They'll pressure you constantly and make you work for goals. You really get penalised for carelessly playing on or getting lazy with manning up on opponents. For me personally, the game has a steep learning curve. The training modes really aren't that helpful, you can work on tackling, marking, passing and shooting on the run but there doesn't seem to be a way to practice things like set shot goals.


I think the worst thing in the game is the commentary. It's bad. Cometti and BT probably did everything in one take during their lunch break. If you've played older cricket games you'll know what to expect. "WEST COAST.......are in front by...7...goals."


I hope the game does well enough that Big Ant Studios get a bigger budget to work on improving the game. It's a solid effort but there is clearly room for improvement. They're on the right track, I have faith they can make a real top notch game if given the resources to do so. It's worth checking out if you're after a decent AFL game.


how do the stats work in the game? i remember in the 2004 one they were just retarded. the pretty much just gave the 16 teams an number between 60 - 70 for attack/defence/midfield and it was completely wrong for what was going on at the time. all the teams were way too close in skill in the game.


also how are the saints stats in the game?:)

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picking this game up tommorow:woop:


couldnt find the forum for this at first. i have no idea why its in the tba section when anyone with half a brain knows it comes out tommorow


EDIT: lol i guess i didnt pick it up today. i wanted to trade 3 games for it at jb, and on the catalouge it said 'some exclusions may apply', so i brought in like 9 games to cover my ass should any problems come up. they flat out rejected 8 of them and would only except tiger 10. then they said that all the games combined were worth like $65 and i could put that towards the game, i just said no because it wasnt what i was expecting. i may go back and see if games i didnt try to trade like mirrors edge are acceptable, or i may just buy it outright.


also funnily enough all copies of the ps3 one were already sold out, and i got there 1pm on release day.


Out of curiosity, what were the games they rejected?

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Out of curiosity, what were the games they rejected?


umm mass effect, prince of persia, dantes inferno, pgr4(big time - worth $2.50 apparently), and smack down vs raw 2009.


and i guess i expected them to not accept kameo and the 2006 world cup(both were worth $5+ wtf) but clearly they came closer than pgr4. i dont even wanna know what my pgr3 would go for...


but even so with how little a deal they seem to make about exceptions i still think its more than half of every game. i though they would only exclude select launch title but its really insane.


lol i was about to say im happy anyway as the saints just scored the first 3 goals, but then as i was typing this brisbane got a bullshit goal:(

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you know about there exclusion list yea? its gotta be 3 games that are not on this list




lol i was too lazy to look at the list. besides my computer is shit and it would probably takes ages to load(trying now...)

anyways jb are a bunch of assholes


EDIT: after i somehow managed to find 3 eligible games not on the exclusion list(like 75% of games are excluded) they rejected my ID even though im 18. so i got someone else to do it for me while i was at school and for some reason the store gave her the ps3 version of the game. i didnt think i could do that even if i wanted to. given that i traded in 360 games and all. anyways i should have the 360 version of the game tommorow


after they rejected me the first time i was determined not to pay for this game. and i could afford it to. when they said no to my ID i just went of and spent $115 on DBZ dvd's im watching now :p

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