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Hole in One Trick Shots

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There's a great guide to all the trick shots for Haunted Manor in x Voit x's achievement guide; just thought it would be nice if we could get a guide for all the courses.


I'm starting in on Manic Museum; will update as I learn 'em. Screenshots coming as soon as I get my camera charged.


Hole 1: Main Hall

Aim at the left edge of the Spring power-up and charge up 18 bars (8 left empty); hit :bbut: to use the Spring almost as soon as you get it, and it'll bounce you onto the display stand thingy and into the hole.


Hole 2: Banners

Don't move at all: charge up 23 full bars (3 left empty) and you'll sail right through both holes in the banners to fall into the hole. This one's tough, because it has to be pretty exact; a little bit over or under and you'll miss completely.


Hole 3: Pack Your Trunks

Aim directly at the Bomb power-up, and begin charging as soon as you hear the elephant (so his foot won't block your ball). Charge to anywhere around 18-20 bars; this one's not picky.


Hole 4: Buggy

For this one you ignore the winding course and go straight over the top, using the Brake to slow you down. Aim a little to the left so the Brake power-up is lined up with the hole, and time your swing so you don't hit any of the ladybugs. It'll need to be lower power (I did mine about 18.5), or you'll fly out of the course.


Hole 5: Giant Mantis

Aim straight ahead, charge up 16 and a half bars, and the ball should fall into the hole and come out on a thin ledge. Time the Spring power-up so you also pick up the Grow Ball, and the rest is done for you.


Hole 6: Termite Mound

This one's tricky too. You need to aim a little to the left so you're actually aiming straight down the course and straight at the termite mound in front of you. If you look overhead using :ltbut: you can see five termite holes: you're aiming for the one farthest from where you tee off. You're going to need to charge 22 (4 empty) to make it into the hole, but the 22d bar will have to be completely full, or even a little over. It is possible to get a hole in one by landing in one of the other termite holes, but it's a crap shoot.


Hole 7: Sticky Situation

Aim a bit left: straight for the Spring in front of the little pool of water. You'll need to charge to about 22 bars to make it onto the grass; then hit the Spring with :bbut: immediately when you pick it up. Your ball should bounce onto the dino skeleton's tail, and you're home free.


Hole 8: 65,000,000 B.C.

Grrr.. I hate this one. You need to turn left and bank the ball off of the side, then into the Spring power-up, and either roll past or jump before you hit the Oil power-up, and if you time the jump correctly, the ball will bounce up the side of the volcano/geyser and land in the crater and get launched into the hole. For the bank shot, aim for the right edge of the tree trunk that is past the geyser to your left, and power up 17 full bars (9 empty) for a slow roller that should miss the Oil power-up and give you a good chance at timing your jump.


Hole 9: End Of An Era

Turn right until you're almost parallel with the line you tee off on (the left edge of the white arrow in front of the ball should be exactly on the front edge of the tee line), and power up 23 bars (3 empty). The ball should hit both conveyor belts; just brake yourself at the right time to sink it in the hole.


I'll have the back nine up as soon as I figure them out.


Hole 10: Rock Art

Turn all the way around and face straight back at the Spring power-up; give it a low-power hit (I tried it and sunk it twice in a row at 16 bars (10 empty), and hop over the first rock in your way. It'll bounce around among the rocks and go down the middle track slow enough that it won't roll over the hole.


Hole 11: Join The Club

This one's kinda tough. I did it by shifting all the way to the right, lining up so the white arrow was parallel to the lines of the checkerboard pattern on the grass, and hitting it at full power. If the angle is just right, you'll hit the Spring power-up without hitting the rock in front of it; and if you time it right, you can bounce up onto the ramp and into the cave: from there the ball rolls out through a mammoth tusk into the hole.


Hole 12: Stonehenge

Turn slightly left until the left edge of the white arrow is on the line in the grass, and power up 23 bars (3 left empty). The ball will bounce off the mammoth's head and land on the stone pillar with a Spring power-up: use the Spring to hop over the edge of the pillar, and the ball should roll into the hole.


Hole 13: Pyramids

Think I finally figured this one out: turn a little to the right so you're aimed at where the line in the grass meets the wall in front of you, and charge up to about 25 bars; it should pick up the Spring power-up. After the ball banks off the wall again, time your jump so the ball lands on the stone ledge and bounces up onto the green ledge. Use the Spring on the ledge immediately to jump over the Grow Ball and onto the path below the Grow Ball tracks, and use the next Spring to hop the gap.


Hole 14: Sarcophagus

Pretty simple, but it requires some very minute adjustments. Turn only slightly to the left: you're aiming for the statue's forehead. Power up to 23.5 bars (2.5 empty), and the ball should bounce off his nose, smash one of the jars on the green, and roll into the hole.


Hole 15: Quicksand

Idunno the best way to do this one yet; I know the ball needs to stop on the rising/falling block at the foot of the statue, then Set will scoop it up in his staff and flip it into the hole. The best thing I have so far is to not move at all and, when the block is reaching the high point, charge up almost 15 full bars (14 and a hair under the 15th).


Hole 16: 500 Gears Old

This is a simple one that needs a little timing. turn 90 degrees left, and shoot it through the two gears when on of the broken spokes (whatever those are called) is in the middle. Maybe it's just luck for me, but every time I started charging to 21 bars (5 empty) when the crank handle on the left was farthest away from me, I made it in.


Hole 17: Olde Half Pipe

This one's obvious but needs timing. This is what worked for me: Spin around and aim at the opening to the conveyor path. There are six cogs on each of the three gears, with one broken/missing on each: watch for the broken cog on the first gear, and count the cogs after it. When the fourth cog is at the top, charge up the first 13 bars and let loose. The ball should go right through all the gears and ride the last gear to be dropped off at the hole.


Hole 18: Inventions

Surprisingly easy. Move all the way left or right, or just turn-- whatever you want-- just make sure you roll around the Grow Ball and drop onto the conveyor belt immediately below. You'll need a pretty soft hit for this; about 10.5 bars (any less and you won't make it to the slope on the first hit; much more and you'll miss the belt). You'll pick up a Spring; use it to jump up and nab the Grow Ball right away. Your larger mass will make you fall through the trapdoor, where you pick up another Spring; jump right before the next corner, and you'll land on another belt that holds another Grow Ball. After this, you fall through another trapdoor, and the ball rolls to the finish.

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