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Game Info/Region code


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The game would be region loked.


Maybe Cave change this like they do it for Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets. After Mushihimesama and Espgaluda they say, they quit making region free games, but now...i don´t understand this till today why they do such stupid moves....


After all a typical Cave shooter. For me it´s a must buy :D


New features:


16:9 formated




New Voices for all charakters (maybe Arrange-Sound, not 100% confirmed)


1 New Level


1 New final Boss


DLC with a new Arcade-Version (like a Black Label Add-On, not 100 % confirmed)

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Shame if it is region locked, I'm off to Japan in a few weeks & was looking to pick a game or 2 up whilst I'm out there.


When I saw that cave developed this I expected it to be region free (unlike monster hunter frontier, Curse you capcom) hmm have to wait and see then.



Ok play asia listed the game as region loked, now there´s the proof. Sorry.


Best way is a japanese console. Many other Shmups are loked too....

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