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Mr Bungle

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I'll just discuss the ones I've managed to complete as well as the more obvious ones.


Leather Poisoning

Playing 20 minute quarters would help a lot. I'm currently playing 5 minute quarters and the most I've racked up with one player in any game is about 12/13.



If taking a set shot on goal from the boundary, holding :rtbut: will initiate a banana kick.


Talk to the Hand

When in possession of the ball holding :ybut: will help you fend off opponents. The chances of this succeeding will depend on your players 'break tackle' ability and the opponents 'tackle' ability ratings.



This will happen eventually while playing the game.


First Use

Can only be obtained during ruck contests between two ruckmen. At the height of the bounce/throw (depending on weather conditions) move the :rs: in the direction of a teammate. They need to directly be on the receiving end 5 times for the achievement to pop up.


Even Spread

Have at least 9 separate players on your team kick a goal. I got this without trying, so I'd imagine just by playing the game and getting into the groove of outscoring your opposition will eventually net you this achievement.


Attacking Pressure

You need to tackle opposition players in your forward line, if they've held onto the ball for too long before being tackled, it is ruled "holding the ball" and you'll be awarded with a free kick. You must kick three goals. This is best done in your 50m arc to increase the chances of scoring a goal. Kick ins are a good opportunity to win the ball back. After scoring a behind, an opposition player will have to kick the ball back into play from your goal square. They can kick the ball to a teammate, or play on thereby running out of the square to gain a few metres before kicking. Put pressure on the opposition and tackle them whenever you get the chance by holding :ybut:.





Road Trip

Beat an interstate team on their home ground.


Victorian Teams (10)







North Melbourne


St. Kilda

Western Bulldogs


Western Australian Teams (2)


West Coast


South Australian Teams (2)


Port Adelaide


Queensland Teams (2)


Gold Coast


New South Wales Team (1)



The easiest way would be to play as the Sydney Swans and win an away game. Otherwise just play as your preferred team and beat any opposition team on their home ground in a state different to yours.



The Beautiful Game

When the ball is loose or on the ground. You can kick the ball off the ground by pressing either :xbut: or :abut: when next to it. Ideally you want to do this near the goal square, directly in front of the goal line to increase your chances of scoring a goal this way.


Hard Nut

Use the :rs: in the direction of an opposition player you want to bump while you are not in possession of the ball. It should only require you to do this 20 times overall and not 20 times in one match, I cannot confirm this however.


By Hand

When in possession of the ball you handball by pressing :bbut:, you kick to teammates by pressing :abut:. Simple, handball more often than you kick. Might be worth bringing the difficulty down to Amateur level to make this easier. I do not know if achievements unlock in Amateur mode.


Spoil Sport

Spoiling the ball is to punch it away before an opponent can mark it. When in defense, you spoil the ball by holding down :ltbut: and pressing :ybut: repeatedly to knock it away. It helps to be close to the player when attempting this, if they break away from you, there isn't much chance of you getting close enough to spoil. This achievement is a cumulative one, you don't need to perform 50 spoils in one match.



Fairly self explanitory. Just take your time passing the ball around, preferably kicking it so you can mark the ball and use as much time as possible to find open players.



Set for September

There are 24 rounds in the season. You will only play 22 matches due to each team having 2 byes. Every win earns you 4 premiership points, a draw earns you 2 and losing gets you nothing. The best way to ensure you finish top of the ladder is to win more games than anyone else and by the biggest margins possible. To separate teams who are equal on points, winning percentage comes into play. You can win 20 games by 1-5 points each time. But if another team wins 20 games by 20+ points on average, they'll be rated above you on the ladder.

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