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Granny skills

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This was my method if it can help anyone:


Stand in front of the sensor in the normal way you do when in the menu. Now all you have to do is stand still and only use your arms.


Just let your arms slightly swing beside your torso from the front to the back without making any effort. When you grab the ball, all you gotta do is fling your arms up. The speed of flinging varies but that's where the ''luck'' comes in.


Remember to just fling your arms, don't use strength to pull your arms up. Think of it as standing still with you arms by your side and as if you're gonna make a wave throw your ams in the air... worked for me :)

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This achievement seems like one of the simpler ones to get...

I tried to get it last night before turning off the game, and going to bed... but


it was infuriating!


I damn near punched the damn carnival guy on the TV, then I read through these tips, but none seemed to work, until I read the last one by Ramon4815162342, so Thank You!


I just stood there completely still with my arms at my side, bent my elbows to "grab" the ball (or object, or whatever), then lowered my arms, and swung em up above my head.


I even threw the world/globe past the basket, and had to try again moving my arms up a little slower!


Good luck with this one!

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Trying for hours again but nothing i do is working, calibrated kinect, moved kinect on top of TV, sitting down/standing up nothing friggin works its either too slow or over the basket:uzi:


Edit: finally got it but I cant remember I threw in the World Ball, just 4 in a row, I think final was a cannonball or something

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