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Is it just me or could this be the shittiest game ever made?

F Zer0 X

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I picked up my copy today because it got released early and so far i am not impressed...


I have encountered me marking the ball inside the apposing teams square and a player from the other team just ran in and kicked a goal (he didn't have the ball because i marked it, it just appeared in his hands)


When i handball the ball it passes straight through my team mates and rolls across the ground. it usually ends up the other team gets it and gets a goal.


These are the 2 biggest concerns i have for this game now.


I have had it a little under an hour and am already thinking of taking it back

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Yeah its just you, I had trouble marking and so on my first few games, but its awesome now. You must just suck ?


I agree, its so much fun playing this local, my mate and I played like 20 games and I think I'm pretty good at it now.


People remember to hand ball! It will save you and set up that goal.

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I'm assuming you mean goals from set shots. The only time I aim directly for the middle of the goals is when I'm in front, right on the edge of the goal square.


Right footed players will naturally arc the ball to the left. Left footed players will naturally arc the ball to the right. You also need to factor in wind direction and the strength of the breeze.


So as a right footed player, aim somewhere between the right goal post and the right behind post, rather than the middle of the goals. It takes a while to get invisible sweet spots to aim for given the angle, distance, wind direction and strength of the breeze.


TLDR, aim right. Left footed players aim more to the left.

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