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Looking for squad mates/Achievement trading

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I'd like to general co-op on this with decent players. I'm pretty good but need decent team to document my greatness;) (and maybe revive me on occasion)


The 4 friends achievement would be cool

//I have the Viral Healing one now... thanks friend!


If you wanna play, level, get cheevos etc 6pm-12pm everyday:) add me gt: fuzzfaceuk

I only use pistols;)

> > fuzzfaceuk < <

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cheers to the person who added me to get " with little help ".. also the viral one when you heal someone =)


still after some of the other ones but at the moment im just going through campaign.. dont get on much so taking longer still got the first one to play through aswell :)

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All yyou have to do is play a game with 3 friends on ur friendlist, as soon as game starts achievment will pop up

Regardless, you rule!!!


This guy just joined my game and after dying twice and I heard some voice over the stereo, I realized he was a real person. Shot him & healed him for the cheevo then we continued on Mission 10 and completed that as well.


Long live you!!! :woop::woop::woop:

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im looking to add 3 good people to my friends list i have the infected medic ach im after play with 3 friends and maybe do the wave 4 stage 4 get to the chopper i did it on my own with ai but never got the achievement(edit i have got this one now). Im on all day, could set it up tonight if i can find 3 people .ADD YOUR NAME BY QUOTE ON MY MESSAGE HERE...:Bounce:

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I haven't got any friends playing this game, so would like to get together with 3 others to get 'With A Little Help', plus Florence Nightingale 2.0 if possible and any others if people have time.


I can be online pretty much every evening from around 7pm UK time. Send me an FR with a message about the game and/or reply here and we can get something set up.


My GT is Jammy74.

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Hey im having a bit of problem with the ''get to the chopper'' achivement.

i got to stage 4 round 4 but then we were atacked from all sides and killed.

i will of course help with achivements in return :-)


just add my gametag (JohnnyBier)

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