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Looking for squad mates/Achievement trading

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Need 2 people for the friends achieve and also after the viral achieve and a little help on doing the wave 4 squad achieve message me over live if interested (only need 2 as me and a mate are on it) thx all.


Edit: Done on all 3 thx goes out to Le Ninjoor,VEDLFSBM and Reqqu.

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Both myself and a friend are getting this today so looking for two players who want to go through this from start to finish as quickly as possible.


Drop me a message over xbox live if interested:


Gamertag: St1ng r


on loads the next two days!

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looking to get achievement get to the chopper available nearly all the time will help if anyone need help with other achievements


also i give anyone the hardcore achievement on operation flashpoint dragons rising however only works if you have completed normal first

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Looking for a really good squad for get to the chopper and to have fun running through the campaign!! Ive already got the viral achievement if you want to grab that at same time.. If you are good at this game and want to help out or still need get to the chopper then add me!!!


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GRIMFISTED, IRA GUNNER AFC and backonceagain


I am able to help i just need 1 achievement and that one is "With a Little help" i am able to help you in any way so message me if you want to get the achievements


GT= N3oblaster

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im looking to add 3 good people to my friends list i have the infected medic ach im after play with 3 friends and maybe do the wave 4 stage 4 get to the chopper i did it on my own with ai but never got the achievement(edit i have got this one now). Im on all day, could set it up tonight if i can find 3 people .ADD YOUR NAME BY QUOTE ON MY MESSAGE HERE...:Bounce:


need one friend bein yu if yu can fro three mates cheevo

xbl gt: look lees here

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Me and a friend need the 'Get To The Chopper' Cheevo, and will be around most nights trying to get it done, so we are looking for 2 more people.


We are both friendly as you like and also have 'Florence Nightingale' for those who need it. And if anyone needs to the play in a group of 4 friends, we can get that done as well.


Add me up GT: FURL999

And send me a message.


Lets gets some Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevments!!

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