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Florence Nightingale Award 2.0?

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Impressive. Would you mind if we have a game and I get it? Then I could start spreading the love too :)


Gamertag: Acheru. Please, send me a Live message when you are up to it.

FYI, English is not my main language, but I can speak/understand it reasonably.


Thanks mate!

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This is your last day people.... i plan to have 1000g by the end of the day then im taking it back to gamestation......



Ill be on most of the day and im willing to help you guys out.....



If u need Florence 2.0 add me Sir Salford

Edited by Sir Salford
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Hey Guys Any chance of a hand with this, i keep reading people saying they have it yet noone wants to spread the love so to speak, i got about 20 people on fiends list who all playing red river and none of them have it


I've got it, send a friend request will be on next few nights.


GT - RCW41

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