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Road Trip- Help!

joyous being

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Has anyone else has trouble with this achievement?


Using Essendon I've beaten Sydney at ANZ (Fair enough I didn't get it then, technically that's not their home ground), Brisbane at the Gabba and Freo at Patterson's.


I've also used Freo to beat St Kilda at Ethihad.


Am I doing something wrong?


(Oh, and don't say "Yes, you're doing something wrong. You're going Essendon"... because that's not funny)

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I've had the same problem. Playing as Collingwood i've beaten all the interstate teams at their home grounds and i have also played as gold coast and have beaten all the victorian teams at their home grounds so i don't know what else there is to do except hope that it pops up randomly

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Okay I got it. You have to use two "unedited" teams. Even if you've changed one tactic, or taken one player off and put another in, it won't work.


When you're selecting the teams, if you see the "Footy Factory" logo under them, that means they're edited.


So I picked two teams without that logo, then didn't go into team management, won the game (on amateur, three minute quarters) then BOOM! Achievement.


So anyone else that's stuck, that was my problem. You can't change tactics or players to get it. Silly, I know.

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