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FAQs - Look Here Before Asking Questions.

The Pants Party

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Warning: This FAQ may contain spoilers on the storyline. Do not read it if you are concerned about this.



Q: Can I collect some of the Diaries/Tonics/Research in one game and finish in another game?

A: No, all of them have to be collected on the same save.


Q: I just got the "Dealt With All Little Sisters" achievement, and I Rescued all of them, but I did not get "Little Sister Savior" - Why is this?

A: This unlocks at the end of the game, not after saving the last sister.


Q: How do I find Cohen's Room?

A: After you finish his masterpiece, let him live. In the level "Olympus Heights" (go to Point Prometheus and through the bulkhead at the back of the level) is his house. Kill the two dancing freaks inside and he will get mad and come down out of his room. Kill him and go up.


Q: I Killed Cohen earlier, can I get the "Cohen's Room" or "Weapon Specialist" achievements somehow?

A: No, you will need to start a new game.


Q: Can you return to levels later in the game to find things I missed?

A: Yes, you can use the sub anytime to return to another level. After you do the Escort Little Sister quest as a Bid Daddy, make sure you save before you ride the elevator to fight Atlas, otherwise you will not be able to go back and finish anything.


The only exception is the very beginning level, which has two Diaries in it and a small section of Hephaestus (control room), which has one Diary in it. See the next question about those.


Q: Where is xxx Diary?

A: Please see this thread.

Q: Where is xxx Weapon Upgrade Station?

A: Please see this thread.

Q: Where is xxx Tonic/Plasmid?

A: Please see this thread.


Q: Can you get 1000 in one play through?

A: Absolutely, but you have to be careful. Follow the three links above to get those achievements and make sure you save often in case you screw something up.

-Start the game on hard.

-Rescue every little sister.

-Do not kill Cohen until after you've been in his room in Olympus Heights.

-Find all Diary/Tonic/Weapon Upgrades.

-50 Hacks/100 Invents/Complete Research.

-Do not spend ADAM on anything but tonics until you have all the purchasable ones, then buy other things.

Q: How long is this game?

A: Simply playing for fun will take 18-22 hours.

Q: How long for the full 1000?

A: Using a guide and starting on Hard, you can do it in one play, with just a little extra searching, so 22-25 hours roughly.


Q: Do Buy-Outs and Auto-Hacks count toward the 50 Hacks achievemet?

A: They most certainly do.

Q: What is the code for xxx?

A: Fontaine's Elevator: It is in one of the Audio Diaries in this level, 5744.

A: Twilight Fields, after you get Incinerate: On a piece of paper by the coffin, 0451.

A: Point Prometheus, near the hanging Big Daddy suits, 1921.

A: Mariska Lutz's Appartment: In the audio diary "Masha Come Home", 7533.

A: Room with steel bars underneath Fontaine Fisheries: In the audio diary "Picked Up Timmy H.", 5380.

Q: I died while fighting a Big Daddy and now his Little Sister is gone. Did I miss my chance to Harvest/Rescue her?

A: Nope, just don't kill the Big Daddy and wait for him to go to one of the holes in the wall and knock on it. The Little Sister will crawl back out. Even if you do kill the original Big Daddy, another will spawn and get her out as well.

Q: It doesn't appear I'm making progress with research. How exactly does this work?

A: You have to completely fill the bar four times before you're done with a subject. You can take a picture 4-5 times of the same person before they stop giving research. Just take pictures of every enemy before you kill them, you'll get it eventually.


Q: There is an option to change the difficulty during the game. If I play until the final boss on easy/medium, then switch to hard, will I get the achievement for hard?

A: No, you must start and play through the entire game on hard to get the achievement.

Q: Why can't I get a jackpot for the "Lucky Winner" achievement?

A: It's a very random achievement. Some people get it after two minutes, some after twenty. All the machines are the same, but stick with the same one, because it eventually pays out. Moving from machine to machine may reset your chance. Save your game when you have a bunch of money and play until you've either got the achievement or gone broke. If you go broke, reload your save and try again.

Q: Will I get enough ADAM by Rescuing the Sisters, or do I need to Harvest them?

A: I personally saved them all, and I had over a thousand ADAM left at the end. However, I did not buy any plasmids. You can easily get all the achievements by Rescuing, just make sure you only buy items you need for the achievements.

Q: Do you get more ADAM by Harvesting or Rescuing?

A: You get slightly more by Harvesting. 160x3=480 compared to 80x3+200=440. As stated above, you can buy everything for the achievements either way you go.

Q: Can you increase the wallet size?

A: Nope, you get 500 max the whole game.

Q: In the Medical Center, how do you open the locked office next to the guy hanging out the window?

A: Once you get telekinesis, return here and use it through the broken window. It will grab the key off the wall.

Q: Help! I've lost a plasmid/tonic! (or) How do I know what tonics/plasmids I still need to collect?

A: You haven't lost anything. These are split into four different "tracks" so you're probably just looking in the wrong one. Plasmids are all in one track, tonics are split into Combat, Physical and Engineering. Either that, or you've unequipped it, and it's sitting in a Gene Bank. To know which ones you need to collect, go to a Gene Bank and it shows all the ones you have in your inventory.

Q: If we aren't supposed to kill Cohen so we can get into his room, how do we get the key to open the locked chest in Fort Frolic?

A: Once you get to Olympus Heights and get into his room, you are able to kill him and loot the key. Then you just take the sub back to Fort Frolic to open it.


Q: If one of the Little Sisters die when you are escorting them in the last level, do you not get "Little Sister Savior?"

A: No, it doesn't matter. They can die and you will still get the achievement.

Q: I have all the research achievements, why did I not get the PHD achievement?

A: You also have to fully research security robots (flying guys), security cameras and turrets. Both RPG and gun turrets count together, you do not have to do those separately.


Q: What all do I need for the Research PHD?

A: Every type of splicer (Thug, Gun, Spider, Houdini, Nitro), both Big Daddy types (Rosie, Bouncer), a Little Sister, as well as Turrets (RPG and Gun count as the same), Security Cameras and Security Bots.

Q: How can I see how many Diaries I have collected?

A: Hit the Back button and then hit RB twice to get to the Messages section. This is split up between levels. See the stickied Diary Location Thread to see how many are in each level and then you can verify which ones you still need to collect.

Q: What is the difference between a Bouncer and a Rosie?

A: Both are Big Daddies, but the Bouncer is the one with the Drill-Hand and the Rosies are the ones with the Bolt Guns.


Q: Can you get achievements playing on Easy difficulty?

A: Of course! All but "Seriously Good at This" obviously. ;)


If you have anything to add, please state the question and answer and I will add it, if it's relevant.


Contibutors: The Pants Party, Lunacy182, Zef, flip

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Q: Can you return to levels later in the game to find things I missed?

A: Yes, you can use the sub anytime to return to another level. Before you ride the elevator to fight Atlas, save your game and you may finish the collect achievements.


Not entirely true. There are a couple exceptions.


1. You can't go back to the first stage and pick up the first 2 diaries.

2. There seems to be a few diaries in the control room in Hephaestus that you can't return and get either.

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hopefully it will aleve some of the spam that has been cluttering this board, but you know it won't because people will overlook this thread and post about it anyway. good luck monitoring these threads :)


also, maybe another question to answer up there is the one for fontaine's elevator code, which of course the answer would be 5744. just a thought :)

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yo dude, flip didnt help me out much and i havent played the game yet is y im asking, but how do u get the achievement become a big daddy, by saving the little sisters and also does it give u the outfit and stuff or does that just describe u saving them?

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yo dude, flip didnt help me out much and i havent played the game yet is y im asking, but how do u get the achievement become a big daddy, by saving the little sisters and also does it give u the outfit and stuff or does that just describe u saving them?


It's part of the story, dude. You can't miss it.

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i have a question, ive researched everything in the game fully but i didnt unlock the full research achievement. I was wondering if it unlocks at the end of the game and if not has anyone else had this problem?


Are you ready for the answer AND to look like a jack-ass noob at the same time? :p


Well Mr. " fully researched everything" Exane, you DID NOT fully research Spider Splicer yet :biglaugh:Angel:nana:ass

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Okay, so I understand that we shouldn't kill Cohen, but how do we get into that locked box on the "Masterpiece" level, if he keeps the key? Are we able to get the key later and take the bathosphere back to that level?


Exactly! I don't know what's in the box, as I never went back for it. But once you get into his room and kill him, you loot the key off him and can return through the sub. You apparently don't need it for any achievement though, I got the 1000 without ever going back to open it. But now I'm curious...

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