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Truly, the most disappointing thing about this game is how much potential it had.


Ya its pretty sad that it was pushed back so many times and still is this shitty. Campaign was fun before I beat it twice for each side on hard with and without playing co-op. Online will never recover because they cant fix the lag. I've been on their forums and their fix was "we've added a new big teams mode". Lol didnt do a thing. By the time they fix.... sorry if they ever fix the online by then everybody will be lvl 20s and it'll get old real quick.


I just dont understand how they try and blame it on users with "bad connections". I have cable internet and have never lagged on a single game on xbox live. And now this game comes out and its either our fault as users or microsofts servers? Its clearly one of the many game flaws


Sorry everybody just very pissed off that I waited a year for this game. Atleast we all know that Battlefield 3 will be amazing and worth the wait.

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1- What is the point of having difficulty levels when the enemy AI is purely dependant on what rank you are. Im a level 16, when I play even on easy the enemies are relentless and insta-kill you with ease.


2- The stupidly low amount of ammo you start off with, i understand there are soldiers who can resupply you but the bots on your team rarely do, starting off with 1 spare magazine is not enough.


3- When you are too close to team mates you start to rubberband warp all over the place which is incredibly annoying when more than one person is on a command post or doing an objective


4- Lag while playing versus is sometimes unbearable


Glad thats off my chest now. Other than that im enjoying it.

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First off, like many people have already said, the AI only want to capture the health command post and over and over they will fight for the stupid secondary objectives and they will never help you on the main objective. My favoriet part is when the AI will come up next to you at the main objective, start to hack along side you and then will run away after 1-2 seconds of help and get killed or an engineer places his turret facing the wall and the other teams awesome grenade tosses that never miss.


Is it only me or have others seemed to have counted more opposing team members then what you have on your team? For example, starting out trying to hack the airport terminal my team had 4 members and when i got to hack the terminal there were 6 people in the room guarding it. I have seen this happen to me more and more each new level where they seem to balance out you doing well with adding more players to the other team. Solo is far to hard on solo hard. they never miss and seem to know right where you are each and every time. Also like others have stated the AI camps in keys locations making it near impossible to complete some objectives and challenges. And yes the textures are crap! Everything is super blurry unless you sit there and wait for 2-3 seconds for the high rez one to load.


Just have to say i am very disappointed in this game and I am very sorry I wasted my money on preordering it.

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Here is my list. Lag is horrible and I have 25up 13down connection. Customization is rather lacking and the resistance got bent over so hard on clothing. The operative is a complete trow away character who is only needed, and should only be played when hacking is required. The AI...if you have played this game...I need not say more. My NUMBER 1 complaint would be that the only people you can hear/talk to in multilayer are people that you personally invited to the game. WTF, SERIOUSLY this game is all about communication and PARTY play and this game takes that away???


On a side note...IDK why everyone is bitching about the chivos...this game is an EASY 1k...3/10 TOPS...

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The game is basically a re-branded unreal tournament 3, although UT3 is more balanced then this game, storyline lol? what storyline just a few cut scenes and then team deathmatch gameplay. Credit where credit is due, the marketing team did a wonderful job I bought into the hype and advertising... I thank bethesda though I will now wait for reviews rather then day one. These guys seem to churn out shit these days if it's not buggy it's lacklustre.


This is easily the worst game of 2011 thus far, do yourself a favour, trade this POS for L.A Noire, that's what I'm doing. i completed the campaigns to get as much gamerscore that i could can't stomach any more. It's funny I don't remember another game were I've been so frustrated by the campaign.

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The worst thing is, I anticipated the game since it's announcement because it had Bethesda on it. I knew they weren't making it, but just publishing it.


I've played it and I can say it's a let down. The concept and idea of the game is great, but the execution is just bad. The bots & AI both on your team and the opposing team are just terrible and ridiculous, as in, AI team never help you out, and opposing team AI are just aimbots on the down low.


Ridiculous. The story has no point in even following as it goes by so quick, there is actually no point in trying to keep up. Really would have been better maybe if a different development team was in charge.

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ATM I have no internet so can't play over XBL but what I have played isn't worth my money.


Campaign wise solo is a little boring. The stories are the same and all you do is switch sides. So I played the Rebel first. The objectives I attacked/defended I'm not swapping them as I play as the good guys! Pointless imo. Plus all the objectives deep down are the same. Get here, grab that, plant this, defend. They could of made this so much better, if it was level based (CoD style for example) and not all the same objective shit.


Challenges.. Well I did all of them within 20mins... They could have added in way more! They weren't even that hard to!


SMART.. Love the idea but it doesn't even play a big role in the game! Most of the time when the game starts, I run to my objective and hardly or if ever use SMART.


Enemy AI is too good in some places. If they all get into one spot and start to defend its sometime near impossible to clear them out! Friendly AI just don't do much unless you're lucky and push up and do most of the clearing. Only class that seems to help do this is the Medic.


Spawning is a bitch. The countdown and all that is fine. But when you're at the last objective with 2mnis left and you die, you spawn all the way back at the start of the map! No helpful as you then have to run back to the action and then probably die again!


Overall its a nice game but the flaws are a little obvious. I like the style of it all and the customisation but that doesn't make up for the other stuff. Not worth my hard earned cash...

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The AI. My god, the AI...


I was downed last night, directly in front of a medic. NO resistance around...no help. I even waited out three respawn cycles to see if he would ever get around to it. Nothing. Just stood there stuck in place. This is just one of many examples of laughably dumb AI interactions.


Also, public multi freeplay is still unplayable. This is an "objective-based multiplayer" game. Oy vey.


AND, the fact that you can stand still and still beat the game seems lazy...call me crazy.


Bummer purchase. Watched previews/trailers for it for the past year or so in anticipation too.

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If I keep going for the command posts, it seems to force the rest of my squad to work on the primary objective


THIS. Best tip ever. In one match I just got tired of hearing "they're going for your command post!!" so I said fuck it, took over the command post, set a turret down and then watched the enemy AI get gunned down trying to take the command post back. Won the match.

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I was downed last night, directly in front of a medic. NO resistance around...no help. I even waited out three respawn cycles to see if he would ever get around to it. Nothing. Just stood there stuck in place. This is just one of many examples of laughably dumb AI interactions.


Something similar was pissing me off the other night.

Was trying the two hostage rescue missions on hard and each time I done it, literally 4 of the 8 friendly AI were hiding in corners standing still.


Just made the missions completely unwinnable when there's 8 extremely well organised and deadly accurate enemy AI huddled around the downed hostage and only 3 friendly AI attempting to slightly help and me doing all of the work.


Plus, still in the same vein, get close enough to revive the hostage and they just stand there in the same spot taking in even more gunfire until they're downed again.



The patch can't come quick enough, just hope they've actually fixed these problems.

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This game is utter brilliance. It is that good that everyone should send all there money to BETHESDA, so that they can create a real life ark and move there sorry ass's there to hide from me. Stupid stupid stipid ai and even more stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid real online players. This stupid game is not a first person get to 25 kills shooter. Its a fuckin objective based bollucks that only 2 people out of the 8 on an online team seem to know. Thats enough said.

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This game has the worst AI that I have seen since Army of Two and its sequel, it's wrong on so many levels, it's almost insulting to call it a singleplayer campaign, when all it is, is a string of MP objective matches loosely strung together, I'm just glad I rented it.

If it wasn't an easy 1000GS then I would have continued to not play Team Fortess 2.

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It's been a long time since a game has sent me into a controller smashing frenzy. My controller has survived thus far but damn if this isn't the most frustrating game I have ever played.


I've played through each campaign and this is the worst AI I have ever seen. Being an achievement whore I figured well I'll just play through on easy get a few achievements and return the game. Even on easy playing offline this game is ridiculously hard. I tried playing versus and never found any other players. I'm not sure if it is due to my shoddy connection though.


I think what would have made the single player a lot better was if it was a true single player experience. I think that a system like Ghost Recon were you had some control over your team would have added a lot to the game. Or at the very least assign certain roles and tasks to members of the team at the beginning of the level. The AI is so haphazard that sometimes you can leave the controller and they'll beat the mission yet other times they run in circles, jumping and dying.


I think the game is also a bit too strict. Only certain classes can do certain things, which I understand. But why couldn't certain things like doors or safes you need to open have health bars? Sure it would be a waste of ammo but changing classes because your team is useless is a pain in the ass.


Another thing that seems lacking to me is the actual gun play. The shooting just feels a bit off to me. It's far from being broken but could have definitely been tightened up a little bit.


I guess all of my complaints are based on the offline portions of the game due to my shitty connection. Oh well, I guess this gets stacked in with the huge pile of 360 games that had potential but missed the mark.

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so is this game any good as a single player offline?



It is, MP with friends is fun. Forget single player.


I think many people see this game as a single player game with MP mode. NO! It´s a team-work shooter like Team Fortress 2. And there are the problems for many "i rush alone through the map with two MP´s" gamers: Teamwork and Teamspeak. Sorry, but i play this game last weekend and i have:


no lags

no freezes

no log in problems


but i have:


egoistic gamers taking the soldier class (8 players)

two gamers got a headset, all the others not

i take a medic, the enemy team not, we win (nothing to say)


Now the games runs a way smother then 2 weeks ago...next patch and the free map pack and this game runs good.

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This game is pretty bad, and that's not to say people won't like it...... there are people out there who like getting kicked in the nutts or pissed on in this crazy world. And I would definitely equate this game to being kicked in the groin.


This game is missing so many mechanics it's hard to express how bad of a game this is.


It reminds me of alot of bad things in other games.


The Boring factor of the objectives is on par with Unreal 3. Mindlessly playing for 30mins-60mins, after which you don't care about the repetitive objective you are currently guarding. Adopting rush tactics to avoid the too omnipresent and too accurate computer AI. These are signs of the bad game design.


The gun play is probably the worst part of this game. It's hard to pin down a comparison. The Accuracy is definitely in the the Kane & Lynch League, where as your guns even with out recoil miss your target too often. Add in there is not a head shot or a blind fire ability in the game and you have instant frustration after every gunfight. The guns also feel hollow and they all sound the same. This is something I have never seen in a FPS. If you are being shot you can't tell what gun it is other then it's class. When I say class I mean was it single shot, full auto or a Gatling gun. Horrible...... and the damage the guns do is either really low or the computer health is just threw the roof, either way it's just Horrible.


These are my two biggest grips, there are others though. Like the buffs feeling pointless since you died too fast and why does only two classes have Buffs??? It's so important to the game play that you give the operative nothing the solider a resupply??? The command posts feel point less, since most of the time you have them you still died too fast, your pip runs out too fast and when you take the real object or lose it's because the AI was off dicking around the stupid command post. The secondaries are just as pointless but they only have that affect on the defending team 90 percent of the time. Which would be 1 out of the 8 maps. SMH.......... if you were wondering building the barricades on the start of early launch is the one time that worrying about a secondary won't lose you the game.


The paracore isn't essential to the game and for a game with more than 1 route there are too many choke points that make defending way too easy. There is no reward other than gun selection and run speed to being a different body type. Any where a slim can get a medium can get there and there is only one spot I can think of that those two can get to that a heavy can't WALK to.


The Grendes???? LOL, M80 fire crackers have a bigger blast raduis.


You can't pick up weapons...... YOU CAN'T PICK UP AMMO!!!


Most of the abilities are hit or miss, I played as a solider to level 20 and a engineer to 12. Why should you have to buy the ability to run and reload???? Scavenge takes about 10 seconds for you to get a single pip bar off a dead body. You can buy a little bit more ammo but you have to buff yourself every time you spawn to get it??? The satchel charge at rank 5 when your done with the game??? For the most part looking atthe skills you can buy, half of them are WORTHLESS. The Solider being about 75 percent and the engineer being 25%. The Medic is about 50 percent because everybody dies too much and your pip will run out. The Operative is about 50 percent because his skills are all about his ability to dick around and GO LONEWOLF...... which is what the game is suppose to be against.


Grenade meter??? Low Ammo??? The medic throws a needle to revive, why not pick the guy up and save the time?? The whole pip meter system, why is somebody putting out a turret with endless ammo equal to giving away some ammo as a Solider??? Throwing a grenade that revives everybody on the ground has the same value as throwing a flash bang??? WTF


Four challenges that you have to replay if you what your gear???How about if I do really well on my first try you give me another star. How about you put more game play in and add a couple of more. No game modes other than campaign, 8 maps with no dynamic changes to the objectives or secondaries. Only two objectives, Hack/He Charge/Repair are virtually the same damn thing and Escort???


MY GOD........ I could fill a first page if I wanted to about everything that is bad in this game. Awful game, that isn't fun for most people is what Brink is. If you are in the nitch that they have carved out than you an the 100 people that have this game in a month will be in heaven.


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Ok we can all agree that single player / offline with bots is utter shite and not worth the trouble. Bots come in too flavours, utter cheats and completely stupid :)


I found the game to be equally annoying with no one on mics, meaning I found myself barking orders (Which no one followed) pointlessly.


Then I discovered the joy of Completion mode in Freeplay, much much better! If you finding the game annoying, try this mode, it doesn't disappoint. Made a few friends via it so far.

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I would like to bitch about the piece of shit AI on the Be More Objective challenge on the 2nd star. The fucking enemy AI camps the Hacking spot to where it is impossible to get even 5ft to it. Plus the goddamn spawn point for them is a couple steps away. They spawn about every 10 seconds after a group of 4 to 5 of them get their asses kicked. :mad: Chuck Norris couldn't beat this level...




I'm not sure if there are enough words in existence to describe how bad this game is. Super short story, if you can even call it that, that is just mirrored for the security. Online play that is so lagy that playing a full mission is damn near impossible. These same maps get worn out fast too since they were so lame to make the online maps the exact same story maps blending them together into one big turd. AI that does NOTHING at all to help you in these so called objectives. Guns that take a full clip to put down enemies yet I'm sure everyone here is familiar with the "woof" noise that preludes your death after 1-2 shots from them. The impossible challenges that can't even be done with friends thus making the multiplayer obsolete (no pun intended) not that the AI help in this task either. Then lastly the freezing, crashing, audio drop out when the game stops all audio or just specific sounds like gun fire. I'm not sure I've ever been so mad for paying full price for a game, and game developers complain about price mark downs on games at gamestop yet this is the garbage they try to feed us. If my name were attached to the production of this game in anyway I'd do whatever I could to remove it or change my name and all those involved should truly be ashamed for this pile of dog shit they had the nerve to charge 60 dollars for. I spit on your mothers grave and piss in your eye sir!

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