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3 Star Challenge Guide


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having just 1k'd Brink, the biggest tip I can give for the 3 star challenges is if the computer is kicking your ass is to go to your character's attribute screen and sell off all your skills. This will lower your character level by 1 and will make the computer a little less effective and aggressive. If the computer is still too good, sell your attributes again to go down another level. I wouldn't recommend doing that with a high level character tho.


the computer can be a total unfair ass if you're too high a rank/level


other things (if they haven't already been said)

save the parkour challenges for last because there are no computer opponents that get tougher for those.

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1. Definitely start a new character because it makes it ten time easier to do the challenges. This is due to the fact the the enemies are harder and the teammates don't help as much at a higher level.


2. Use medium body type on Be More Objective. When you complete one objective rush to the next before the AI has time to get there.


3. Save the Parkour challenges for last because they are the easiest.


4. Use turrets and landmines on the Tower defense. It will slow enemies down and give you time to take them down. I also suggest after each wave going to the command post and replenishing your ammo. Use grenades and other explosives to conserve ammo. A Heavy body type is a must have as well as power heavy machine gun and a sub machine gun as a secondary.


5. In the Escort mission capture the health command post in the middle of the level. This will not only replenish your health and ammo but it will also distract the enemies from shooting at you and your bot.


Hope this helps! Good Luck

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I'm having trouble with the last 3 star challenge tower defence. I get to the last 3 minutes every time and get overwhelmed by enemies. I started a new character and did all challenges up to this point but every time I fail the mission I'm still gaining xp which is making my level go up so it's getting progressively harder.


My question is if I started another character and just did this last challenge on 3 stars will it unlock the king of the world achievement or do all the challenges have to be unlocked with one character?

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So I'm having difficulty with TOwer Defense 3 - I'm level 9. If I start a new campaign game and set it to easy can I still use the same account, play the campaign online and get "tough as nails"? I don't really want to start over if I don't have to.


Never mind, I just "sold" some abilities down to level 4 and beat it first try.

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Wish I had checked this guide out when going for this. These challenges are the 1st thing I did when I got the game to unlock the attachments. I guess starting them at lvl 1 worked out for me even though I didn't know it at the time, they were incredibly easy because of it. I saw a ton of ppl complaning about how hard these were and thought "man these ppl must suck at gaming" then I tried them again at lvl 20 realized what they meant!

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So I was wondering why the guide states you should make another character?? Cause I jumped into the challenges on level 4 and beat them all. I found it rather easy. Anyone else find that? But it is a good guide... I took a look after the fact.

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