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Opinions On Game/Should You Buy Thread


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where do I start......this game is just disappointing to say the least...which is funny since I really had no expectations going in




Reasons not to buy:


1. LAG.....it's just terrible, enough said

2.campaign.......or should I say what campaign?..campaign is shoehorned into MP battles...leaving no story to be had really

3.AI is either really stupid or unbeatable..also they focus way too much on secondary objectives

4.I never once got into a match with close to the max players, most of the time I only played with one or two others

5.Parkour which seemed like a big bullet point to this game, is almost useless with the boasts of secret and quick paths, actually being very limited

6.Objectives heavily unbalanced on some maps..making some almost impossible to win

7. the boasting of customization I heard of ends up being pretty limited, with weapon attachments only being able to be unlocked through challenges which once you play will never play again (also you should do those first because once you level up they become almost impossible to do, refer to overpowered AI)

8. limited replayability....since the only MP is the campaign missions really...it gets boring quick especially with all of the unbalanced maps/objectives

9. objectives are not clear sometimes, if your not the right class it might give you a generic defend objective, while only the right class can see the correct, blow this up/hack this objective....leading to confusion if not the correct class


reasons to buy:

1. if you like team/objective/class based shooters

2. although I knocked the parkour..it is nice to get around places....but as I said no where near its potential

3. if you can stand the pains of the game...easy achievements...although i didnt want to spend another $2...you could easily get the 1000 with 3 or less days rental


actually there are no reasons to buy, even if/when this game gets fixed everybody will be long gone...and with nobody playing this game is only good as a coaster...Im glad i only had to pay $2 to play this game


DO NOT BUY...stick with TF2 or whatever

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I am liking this game.


I didn't buy it at first due to the bad reviews it had over LAG, but I've slowley come around to buying it yesterday and im loving it.


I havn't done Vs. Just coop with 8 real people on my side Vs Bots with zero lag.


Campaign is less than an hour to do both, no story but the gameplay is excellent. Can't wait for the free DLC in June.


Only buy if you have friends to play it with. Playing on your own will be doing the game a dis-service.

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Reading most of the posts above I get the feeling that the select few who did enjoy the game, are those that played with friends.


Perhaps it's not worth the £40 (Or full retail US equivalent) but the game is truly fun. I bought it day one, played for a while enjoyed it, loved the customisation, SMART system and objective orientated gameplay. The AI can be massively useful, or hugely frustrating and useless.


So I then convinced some of my mates and work colleagues to buy it and now I'm having one of the most entertaining multiplayer experiences in ages. Sliding into fire to revive your downed mate who is about to plant the HE charge cana be intense and the assault and defend objective style can make for some truly outstanding moments.


I for one during play do often say "Now that was a Brink moment" when utilisng the SMART system for a kill/objective.


This game is a ballsy, artistic and ultimately flawed FPS with a truly fresh take on MP but it just seems have charmed me and my mates. So if you enjoy playing BF more than CoD and you have a group of mates with the game, it's definitely worth a purchase.

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I didn't have time to read all that has been said on this thread before, but I only have one thing to say about this game : Just BUY it !!!


I've been playing it for three straight days, it's so much fun playing with your friends, helping each other to clear all the objectives ! OK it doesn't look like it's top of the art new gen game, but honestly I just don't care.. When you're in, you can't leave ! A lot of action, a lot of teamplay, and a lot more subtle than it seems at first sight ! Oh my God that game's good ^^


Unfortunately I tink it'll be very hard to move CoD and Battlefield fan boys from their games.. Too bad Brink has been this criticized 'cause it sure deserves a lot more attention !


And it's an easy grand G's ;)

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Rental at most, or get a good trade-in deal towards it. Not worth the full new-release retail price. I'd agree with the 5/10, wouldn't call it cack on toast but I would say it's something unappetizing over stale moldy bread to be sure. :p


I was playing with friends. Still found it to be a frustrating mess. The variety of class customization is interesting but really to play enough matches to unlock the fun stuff.... I'm not sure I'm willing to do that time commitment at this point.


The premise of the story is interesting but those tiny mini-cinematic bits are pathetic in conveying it. I just don't care. The only thing I find interesting about the game is the art style. Which is different, but really not that appealing or even noticeable when the game itself is a frustrating mess.


The "parkour" in it is sadly undercooked. They could have lifted the Mirror's Edge free-running mechanics and had something that derivative or not, at least worked. They play control in Brink is slow, cumbersome, and tedious.

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I think the game is really fun but they need to balance the guns. The only 2 guns I ever use are the carb-9 and the machine pistol on my light class with the largest clip for each and I can take down almost anyone.

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some minor lag aside i really enjoy this game. best part tough: no effin cod kiddies!

its... beautiful *sheds manly tears*


even the bots work great. i bet those people complaining about them dont understand that the bots have cooldown on their abilities too.. :)


only real complaint so far, some matches tend to lag like hell while others dont. but they promised to fix that.

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Guest Scotty

im loving this game so far, easily a solid 7/10 from me. my main complaint is how fuckin hard it is. and i know it sounds like a bitchy complaint but when i put a game on easy i wanna at least beat the first mission without punching a hole in my wall. besides that though the customisation is great and the replayability for me is high even the there are a limited number of things to do. i just wish there were more guns:uzi:

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Great game if you are playing online, especially with friends. Challenges can get controller-throwing-frustrating at times, and the AI can occasionally be moronic (cool downs or not...), but otherwise its a really fun game. I am looking forward to a few new maps to play on, the few they have are getting slightly old, and I definitely want to keep playing. If you measure your manhood by your K/D ratio, then stick to other online shooters. If you play well with others, then give Brink a try.

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Brink is a new and refreshing Multi player game which finally brakes the boring mould that is COD, and games that copy COD (homefront for example).


Brink is a fantastic idea, but the idea has been executed poorly.


The graphics are ok at best. I have never been too fussed about graphics in games, so ill let this go.


It should have a great story and it does, for the first 5 minute cut scene. Not good im afraid.


The AI is probably the stupidest AI i have ever seen in a game. Now this wouldn't bother me if it werent for the fact that a lot of MP games have awful connections.


However, I would not put people off buying this game for two very good reasons.


1, the fact that in a really refreshing, new idea which, if executed properly, could attract a massive fan base.


2, the creators, splash damage have agknowledged the problems. They have said it isn't good enough, they are fixing it. For a company to be so in touch with the people playing their game is a very rare thing. Add to this that they will be making the first DLC FREE, and you have a game which has UBER potential and a company who is doing everything they can to iron out the errors.


For me this means that soon we will have a shinny new, fun, team based game.

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I find it quite fun. I hope the DLC ads to it. Haven't touched my xbox in a week, though, so I think tonight I might play some. But nothing beats L4D2 for me. I play it all the time with friends. I just wish more of my friends had Brink, then I'd probably play it more.

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I think the best story I heard about brink was from somebody I was playing with. He said he asked the guy at Game stop should he buy the game. The employee told him that another customer got Brink and returned it 3 hours later. Nuff said...


I would say rent it or buy it used. Because I brought it used and returned it 4 days later having every achievement and got a good game in portal 2 in exchange. The funny thing was the game stop had a draw full of returned Brink games and he didn't ask me why I was returning it.



I'm a guy who has played alot of bad games, this one felt like the worst because of price and the hype. It is a rent all the way and I would say buy it when it hits 20 bucks. Awful, awful game.

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am i the only one that thinks this is a great game?


except the lag, which is gonna be fixed with the DLC, this game is so much fun to play with friends.


we played 6 player coop yesterday on hard in campaign and it was great. its just a different kind of shooter, you guys have to be open for. i am a battlefield player, and this no more headshot -and hit and run kills is where mainly your problem is imo.

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Easily one of the worst shooters ive played on the 360, ive played most of my time with bots and i know its supposed to be played with humans.


But long story short


Imagine you are playing either Bad company 2 or Any Cod game in demolition, now imagine its only 1 objective and you are on your own meanwhile you will have 8 enemies constantly spraying you when you get within a 20 feet radius to the objective.

Run in - die - respawn - repeat = Welcome to brink.

All videos showed crisp Mirrors edge looking gameplay, the game looks and plays like garbage.


Thats basically how this game plays vs hard bots solo


I managed to get Hard as nails solo, but its been one fucking frustrating journey, fuck you splash damage im so happy my little brothers poor gaming taste managed to save me from paying for this garbage

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I managed to get Hard as nails solo, but its been one fucking frustrating journey,


I think this might be the issue your having dude you need to hit it up online with other people. I started solo offline and thought the game was rather medioka but I decided I wanted the 'Hard as Nails' achievement and online was the way to go. The first group I played with went so well I ended up with the 'They never knew what hit them' and the game shot from ok to awesome.

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