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Achievement Guide + Roadmap


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Thanks for the guide but I've just about considered raising a white flag on this. These DC 'challenges' have seriously broken my will. I swear to God, I feel like I'm driving around like a headless chicken. I really do not recommend trying these at all.


Mind you, I DID get a few platinums on some of the Gymkhana and some of the DC Challenges but some of these are just damn near impossible. A couple of them I did a near flawless run and I ended up only getting a bronze, and those bronzes were by a fraction of a second. One of the DC Challenges I simply can't even come close to getting a silver in. I sadly broke a controller trying to improve on it after hours of no luck and always hitting walls or getting stuck in a ditch or corner.


I liked Dirt 3 for a while and managed to get "From Dirt to Glory" after a super-long grind but this game stopped being fun after weeks of attempting some of the DC Challenges and never coming close to even a silver and have come to terms that it's just not worth risking another one of my controller's integrity over this bullshit. I'm happy just getting "Gymkhana Aficionado".


Some of the missions on Battersea are so poorly worded that I have no idea what they're talking about.


Not sure if I'll even touch the online achievements but Dirt 3 began with the promise of being an awesome game but has collapsed into a colossal disappointment.

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