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Achievement Trading Thread


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I have a level 19 game save that will take around 2 mins with each character to boost the level 20 with each character achievements. I'm looking for someone who also has a similar save I can get the achievements also.

I also have a final boss game save.


Gamertag scarface m40

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Greetings, myself (Elyoh) and Leiask are at the second to last boss in Hardcore and are looking for someone to help out, as we're finding it pretty much impossible with just the two of us and 2 useless AI! Almost ready to give up after a couple of hours to trying...


Message of FR me :)


EDIT: You will get the end of game achievements and Hardcore one, and hopefully a couple more! :)

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looking for guys to get the 4player coop things out of the way.


actually if you have a 2nd controller, we should manage to get all achievements, since someone reported that the 2nd signed it will be controlled by AI after 30 of idling, but it still counts as coop.


My plan would be, starting a new game, do the dialogue things and then once these are finished jump to a savegame just before the final boss and kill him. I'm not there yet, but maybe you ;)


just send me a message on XBL and not just a random friend request as i'll deny them.

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I would like to trade some achievements for finishing the game with 2 other characters (Reinhart and Lucas), Maximum Bro Fist achievement ( kill boss with 2 male characters ), Nerds Need Sunlight and Helping Hand.


I have a level 19 save for anybody who wants to get specific character level 20 achievements by the Stonebridge boss fight. GMT +2 timezone.

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