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Any tips for Combo Master?


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Finally got the achievement, so I'll just share my experience add some tips to help those who maybe struggling with this (like I was).


1. Pressing the Start button pauses the game and places a semi-transparent menu overlay (over) the game screen, but it does not block the list of words to find on the left. This maybe distracting but it does give you a breathing space to find the next word or figure out how many words are left to find.

2. Look out for the white high-lighted blocks which indicate either the front or last character of the word to be found. You can also see the high-lighted blocks behind the paused screen.

3. If in doubt, always pause the game, search the screen and plan the next word you want to find, using the high-lighted blocks as a guide. If you are unable to find the high-lighted blocks & time is running out, try to find words in the immediate vicinity to buy you some time.


Hope that helps. Surprisingly I managed to score this relatively easily, compared to the day before where I was frantically attempting this achievement several times.

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