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Gal*Gun Art Pose Guide (WiP)


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Well, since this was a huge pain I figured I should upload the photos I used to recognize the poses she wants you to do.


Whenever she tells you to pose and you have to choose which pose you are performing PAUSE the game and compare the words to the screen shots. After you find the right dialog just match up the picture to the corresponding button.


Please note that she changes up which button to press, so even though in the screen shots it might show a certain button it may not be the same as when you play. Just compare the poses & dialog.


I believe there are 6 poses in total.


Also if you find any of these are wrong please let me know.













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Also if you are going for the achievement:





アクションイベント 薫子 絵のモデル  パーフェクト


Don't worry when you are fighting the sheep, as long as you stay awake throughout all the posing sessions (3) you can accidentally hit some sheep in the wrong places or let some pass and still get the achievement.

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