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Achievement Trading Thread (Coop partners included)


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Things I want to get done

All LW achievements (except Triple Kill and Up Close and Personal)

Vidmaster Challange: Annual (COMPLETED (will help if others still need it))

All DLC (Non Skulls)


send a message to me (ALL4WON) and i can get on and get started, i will help everyone else that needs it as well


Friend Request will be ignored if there is no message before, so send a message first and then send a FR if you choose

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Originally Posted by Ryan Docaz

okay guys going for all dlc achievements so if you want these lets sort out a boosting party add your name to this list and lets see if we can get 8 people together and do this


1. Ryan Docaz



4. L10YDY






I'm in guys. Got three controllers too if it will help.

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Fust time i dun this. Need "Lone Wolf" achievem3nts, will be on most of today an tomorro. send message or invite. will help anyone in return.


Sword triple


2 4 1



send me a msg over xbox live d0nkey fluffer

forgot gamer tag
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I'm looking for someone who is interested in helping me complete the campaign on legendary. Only Cortana remains. :p


Also I wouldn't mind taking care of some lone wolves achievements.

- Two For One

- Steppin' Razor

- Maybe Next Time Buddy


Edit: Please send a message if your interested. GT: Passo

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I still need:


Look Both Ways (Legendary Map)

Post Mortem (Mythic - Orbital Map)

Save This Film (Mythic Map)


So add me to whatever groups are doing any of these achievements, will help with others too (On those maps).


Also have 4 controllers in total and 2 other gold gamertags if thats any help.

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