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Achievement Trading Thread


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Well I'm almost 35 legit, and all aside from that I just need the joyride achievement and I'm not trying anymore randoms. 13 minutes in and some fool quits.. Such a lame achievement.


Anyone looking to hang out for 20 minutes for the joyride achievement hit me up on live :


GT : exosiben


EDIT : Disregard, apparently if someone quits it still works... that or since someone was sitting in the lobby (making 3 playing, 1 spectating) it still popped. Whatever, I've got road trip now.

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If you are interested in boosting Superstar please sign up for this session on TrueAchievements. If you do not have an account, either make one or contact me on Xbox Live.


The session is for Wednesday, June 29, 2011, from 6:00PM-8:00PM EST, and you can expect about 90,000 fans from the boosting.




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Looking to get Joyride if anyone wants to join . I have alobby open at the mo but may be on over the comming few evenings at bout this time.


Send me friend invite to gt ... throbbingwormv1 and ill send you a game invite. will start when i get a party of 4


Willing to trade mp dirt3 cheeves in exchange.


Many thanks in advance.


edit. Got it now cheers.

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