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Achievement Trading Thread


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I played the games for about 6 hours today, ilove the game, but i have no friends to play with, so would be awesome if i could play with someone here.


got 150/200 so far, only missing the gold on all maps achievment, but i will help out others for sure, i am level 10 with a fully decked trenched. Lost my former gamertag, so i have to begin from scratch, so my gs is low, but im not bad in anyway.


Anyways, hit me up :) GT: Virtua Henrik

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Looking for a third (who happens to play a light mech) to help gold star volcano.


My current buddy is a heavy, I play a medium and we continue to get 75% health on the base every try. So that is why we are looking for a third that will be mainly focused on turrets while the two offensive players use shredders to collect as much scrap as possible.


Message me on Xbox Live if interested. GT: Evans

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A couple buddies and I are looking for 1 more person to get the 4 player achievement, it'll take all of about 5 minutes, first come first serve though, I can't sign them up to get it for someone but I'm willing to help anyone get any of the other achievements if need be. Toss me a message saying you're from here and I'll see what I can do, thanks in advance :)

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