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Achievement Trading Thread


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I Need Help getting Gold in the Last 2 Levels





But am willing to help anybody acquire gold in other levels.


GT = kickkicksnare


Please include a message that says Trenched. See you online.

i need the exact same two as well,


volcano and farnsworth


please add me if you need to do these, i have all the strongest weapons/armor etc. so i be useful in the group


gamertag - luuwat

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Looking for people to simply play the game with who don't mind helping me progress at my level, the game keeps derping and putting me with people well ahead and I end up feeling like a fish out of water with my inadequate weaponry and all.


Saying that, I really don't mind if your Trench is comparitively overpowered! ;D


I'm a few missions in and Level 5, nearly 6.

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Need some help getting gold on Drydock, Volcano, and Farnsworth. Also need someone to do a few more 2-player missions with me (preferably Northern Pylon) to get the Battle Buds achievement.


Also, as of this moment, trying to get a 4-player game in. I've tried random online grouping, but people keep starting missions before a 4th person joins.



UPDATE: Don't need the 4-player game anymore. Also got gold on Drydock and Farnsworth. Just need gold on Volcano now. Appreciate any help I can get.

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