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Achievement Trading Thread


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I need some people to help with 4-player co-op. Not personally concerned about getting anything else right now, but I won't turn down the opportunity for all gold medals or anything. I don't have the DLC yet, but I'm planning to get it and will download if people wanna do the survival achievements. Send a message and FR if you're interested. I'm also on TA.


GT: aGundamDownHere

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Picked this game up & the DLC while it was on sale. Looking to do co-op with people.


From the UK so on GMT. Can be on most evenings.


Gamertag is El Griff84


If you are gonna friend request me please msg me to let me know what game it is your looking to do.





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Im looking for people to play with to complete all the levels on gold.


also to get to level 50 on the 3 survival maps.


my gamertag is Harrythepot136


im online most of the time, if you send me a FR then please add a message with the request


i look forward to kicking some ass with you all.

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Looking to kick this game in the dick, I'm up to the Pacific levels and have Silver'd everything so far (I think) and would like to complete it and go back for Golds. I've got raltively good equipment thus far too.


I should be on from 2pm UK time on Monday


Done it, still need to Gold everything though and I haven't even started the DLC yet so if you're up for some Trenching then let me know.

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Looking for hardcore players to reach level 100 on Settlement Surival and nothing else


You MUST have the following...

Pircing Sniper Turrets

Massive Mine layers

Super Shred Turrets

Damp Gen 3

Imepeccable collection prong


You are free to use any weapons or trenches and you don't need a mic but you must be experienced


The emplacements listed are what's needed to reach 100, I will lay down mines and collections prongs as I know the best layout


Message me over live saying "trenched" or "iron brigade" and I'll send you a invite


Gt: Darth PaulBlack

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