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Credits not being earned

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Whenever I finish a game, for some reason I'm not getting any of my credits that I earn. It started happening after I joined a game that was glitched (Infinite Ammo, grenades, etc.), and at the end of the game it said something around -290000 credits earned. Could my credits have gone negative? It only says zero credits in the store and I already tried to clear my cache, but it didn't help. Has this happened to anyone else?


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I think the same thing happened to me.

After my first multiplayer game, some weapons have been unlocked (golden or not) but my credits are always at zero !

I haven't seen if I earned a lot of negative credits in this first game (like - 290 000) but I suppose it.


So now, I don't know what to do ?! Must I win 290000 plus 100000 to have the right to buy all the weapons ? Or it's not obtainable ? :confused:

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Finally, I got the achievement. Hopefully, I must earned something like - 50.000 or - 100.000 in the glitched game. If someone has the same problem, don't worry, just keep playing and you'll get it! There's enough people to find a game and get the achievement legit

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