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EU Version Servers Shutdown


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Just writing this thread to let everyone in the EU know that I can confirm that the servers for this game are closed down for EU players. I have asked several of my mates to try this game out and none of them can connect to EA servers now. It doesn't even atempt to connect it just says no connection straight away. I don't know if the servers are shut down in the USA or anywhere else so please someone add to this thread to inform people.


There has been no offical confirmation of this game being closed down so I may be wrong it might just be maintence. But it's been like this for months nearly a year so it's safe to say they are closed.:(

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If they weren't closed before, they soon will be. EA has posted their new server shutdown list and on top of the usual assortment of less than 2 year old sports games, they have listed both the first Army of Two and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.



It does not specify region so I figure that to include ALL Army of Two servers across the world. The only thing I can suggest for EU server users is to try from time to time over the next month. Maybe they will show up working again as EA's skate.Reel function did. But after August 11th, it will pretty much be a guarantee they no longer will be.

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