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Online achievements should be outlawed.


If the main focus of this game was on a single-player story and the multiplayer was just thrown on last minute I would agree, but that's not the case. Instead this games focus is on co-op and multiplayer, so it's only right that it's achievements reflect that. Besides those achievements will be a breeze compared to the "Great Success" achievement.

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These achievements honestly look incredibly easy I don't see a reason to complain at all, definitely not as hard as capcoms previous titles.


This. If you're coming from something like Viva Pinata (no hate, I actually enjoyed that game. Shit you not, it's relaxing!) I could see how that list would be a little intimidating, but other than that...

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Yeah yeah...no wonder we want to boost achievements like:



No Sample For You - 30G

Force 25 enemies to drop G-Virus Samples in Biohazard (lifetime).


...if you or the enemy can't even pick up the damn sample...NO...instead it says:


:rant: action_pickup_gvirus_disabled :rant:


Either someone is already hacking this game or the developers are waaay too stupid to get this thing rolling...

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Does anyone want to estimate how much gs for a just a regular playthrough? thanks

Depending on how much XP you get and how you spend it, without MP and getting S+ on each mission on Professional, around 630. If just playing on normal/casual and playing with the achievements in mind, just under 500.

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What's the best way to get So Hot Right Now? I've killed many enemies (mostly zombies, over 100 atm) with incendiary rounds activated and still haven't got it so I'm obviously doing something wrong here.


Yes you are, YOU need to kill them while they are on fire. not your team mates. the zombies need to die by your incendiary rounds and bullets.

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