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If you're looking for an achievement point fix, then sure, it's worth it.


If you're looking for a good game that will engage you for a while then... I don't think so.

If I made a list of my worst ten games I've played, this would probably be on it. Not the worst, or second worst, but up there.

It's just so... meh. Forgettable.


Anyhoo - hope that answers your question :)

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I picked it up for 10 new, already expecting a mediocre game but couldn't pass it up since a game rental at blockbuster is close to $11.


Overall it's worth it, It can get frustrating at times (on hardcore) and sometimes the game feels really generic but it does have its good points also. At least it's holding me over until Gears 3 or BF3 come out ;)

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I snagged it off ebay for 5.24. I had wanted to play the game but thought I wouldn't try for all the achievements. I didn't bother with guide for the journals. After I beat it on hardcore which wasn't too hard, I decided to play it again to mop up the missed journals and amass enough tech points for greasemonkey. It went quickly on casual.

I really enjoyed it, well worth 5 or 10 bucks for sure.

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