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Millionaires' Club - Guide

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Map: HIGH GROUND (more cover and enemies predominantly from one direction).

Personnel: 3+ players (yes, it can be done with an AI, maybe even 2 AI, but will be quicker with 4 people in co-op).

In game Score Target: 666,667 points! (Because you each get a 1.5x multiplier on extraction which takes you over the million).


Overview of enemies: The earlier waves have infantry and jeeps, then infantry and APCs, then Spec Ops choppers come to the party and tanks start showing up, finally attack choppers are thrown in to the mix.


Overview of location: Basically some ruined camp on a hilltop, with a good view down into the valley and a very handy wall overlooking the valley, which will be where all four of you should be placed. There is a single road through the valley which winds its way up to the hilltop. There is also a single road which comes into the camp from the rear. All the infantry come from the valley in the EAST (dropped off my 3 helicopters, one down to the left and two up middle and right), as do the Spec Ops choppers and Attack choppers. In the later waves you start to get tanks, APCs and jeeps come in along the rear road. The 'Target of Opportunity' comes in (about 1.1km away) from the mountains in the WEST (i.e. behind you during gameplay).


Weapons: No SMAW this time. Bullets, underslung grenades, smokes, Stinger and Javelin. No mines, no C4, no SMAW.




The key to us winning this map was as follows:

1) have one person covering the ground vehicles (front) and choppers (front and rear) with the Javelin. This guy should have perks equipped to maximise the amount of C4 and AT mines. Why the Javelin, when the Stinger is there? Well, yes, the Javelin is slower to fire, very slow to animate the loading and extremely slow to move with, but the ammo pile is RIGHT next to the wall. You soon get into a groove in the later waves of shoot, turn, reload, turn, sweep the skies, shoot, turn, etc.

2) AT Mine and C4 the road in the rear as a priority. Equip enough of your team with perks to allow you to take more AT mines or C4 into the game.

3) Have as many people as you are happy with set up as Grenadiers with perks to allow greater damage or/and more underslung grenades (or armor piercing rounds for the M203 underslung grenade launcher on the M4A1 if you prefer, but the increased damage for wiping out infantry is a real boon).

4) Communicate and buddy up to heal each other.


Drawbacks we found


1) The Javelin. The animation to switch in and out of this weapon takes an age (I took this role). You need to have a buddy system to that someone else can heal the guy using the Javelin. Believe me, if you can keep this guy fit and well, not a single attack chopper or ground vehicle should get through the front.

2) The game itself. We have had the game freeze on us twice now when just within sight, the first was a random freeze when 3000 shy of the Gold Medal target on Hold the Line. Before our successful million attempt on High Ground we were 6000 shy when the bloom from the JDAM strike froze everyone's xbox but the hosts. Just a warning to you all. This achievement may well be down to the game/connection allowing you to get it, rather than the difficulty of the AI.

3) People lagging out or leaving then rejoining. Each time someone joins, their points they gathered to that point are set to zero, so for example. Team score is 450,000. A player who has contributed 150,000 leaves and then rejoins. The team score will get reset to 300,000. Be warned.




This can vary, but our group of 4 settled on a setup which worked well and did not trouble us. I will discuss our tactics from my perspective. I was the Javelin guy. Once we got into Stage 3 I rarely switched away from the Javelin unless it was to lay or detonate some C4.


When you are dropped off the helo, you are behind the base up the hill. Everyone should take up positions on the wall overlooking the valley apart from the Javelin guy to start with. If anyone else has C4 or mines then lay them all along the first road you cross level with the flag and up the road to the RIGHT as you FIRST approach it. Place some C4 on the road (kind of in front of the building level with the flag - I'll check alignment later, but it's where the vehicles will eventually trouble you and come to a stop). In the later rounds you ought to have 2 or 3 pieces placed by different players and when vehicles come to a stop and you notice them, just blow it and carry on. If you can, get someone else to place some C4 at the end of the valley road in the camp (in case the Javelin guy misses one).




The Javelin guy (carrying mines and C4) should mine the rear road every 10-15 metres - use the AT mines all up. Place some C4. Then go and call in the extraction chopper so it can sit waiting. Then go join your buddies on the wall. The first wave will most likely be over by then.


Wall Placement: There is a Javelin over on he left side of the wall. There is a barrel near to it, with 2 V shapes cut out of the wall either side of it. Place the Javelin guy on the right hand V shape. From here, he will get a good view of the valley, but easily be able to turn, reload the Javelin and turn back and shoot. Spread the other three guys out, but pair up for Medic duties. The Javelin buddy in our game was the fireteam leader, but probably best if that was over in the other pair. From this position for the first Stage, just kill off the infantry in the valley. Once the first vehicles are spotted (I think it was the target of opportunity) then get the Javelin Guy to switch out his secondary weapon or the Javelin.


From this point on, the Javelin guy has 4 places to aim at.

1) Target of opportunity. Helo approaching from the mountains, 1.1m to the West. Announced well in advance, just turn round and take it out - plenty of time.

2) Valley Road. This road is quite long, but broken up with trees. The Javelin loses lock when the vehicles go behind trees :-( You can get a lock once it clears the last lot of trees on the road, but for maximum effect you could wait until the vehicle gets in the buildings at the bottom as the strike will also take out infantry. This is a good strategy in the earlier stages, but when attack choppers are coming later on you need to take them out asap.

3) Valley Helicopters 1 (about 1km away) - Spec Ops and Attack choppers. As you look up the valley you will see a natural V shape, formed by the valley side on the left and then formed on the right by the left of the hillside* where the bulk of the infantry come from. These choppers come fairly level with you and from the RIGHT half of the V shape. Spec Ops tend to come around the hillside* and there are normally 2 at the start of the wave, where as the Attack choppers tend to come from the gap between the hillside* and the plume of smoke in the distance and follow on and just keep coming.

4) Valley Helicopters 2 (about 1km away) - They spawn at a slightly higher altitude and towards the upper left of the valley entrance. Once you've seen a few you'll know where to look.

Both of these sets of choppers approach you fast and fly past your left and then circle around. If they do get this far, you don't really get chance to lock on again until they have circled around above you and fly back into the valley before they then turn back at you. This point is when to get them IF you missed them on the approach. But we don't let that happen do we, we are US marines. Helo 1 and 2 don't spawn at the same time, but alternate. But it's not consistently a left right, left right, etc. You need to sweep the skies...


** Once the infantry 'dropoff' helos have dropped off the infantry that they retreat over to the distance, in and around a plume of smoke. You can get a lock on them with the Javelin, but as always, it does nothing. In later rounds these helicopters just sit there at a distance. Just remind yourself they are there and don't let them distract you if and when you get a lock on them **


The Javelin guy role, in the later rounds, will perform the following sweep of the valley whilst aiming (LT)...it's a triangle shape. Looking at helo spawn 1, tracking across to Helo Spawn 2, then tracking down to the road, then back to helo spawn 1. If you see a chopper then take it out as a priority over the ground vehicles. If you notice a ground vehicle, but it's still well behind the trees, keep sweeping the skies to take out choppers until it comes in range. Have your team also shouting out if they see vehicles come into range. Remember, you target by holding down LT. It takes a few seconds to lock on. You have a choice on shooting though. You can keep RT pressed and as soon as the lock is established it fires. Or you can get the lock, then wait to press RT (pros - handy for ground vehicles, cons, if the lock suddenly switches to another target you have to reload and re-establish the original target)

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Guide continued...


The only time I switched away from this role was if we desperately needed medic duties (but this should be a last resort), or to switch to the C4 to either detonate, or between waves to run and place some fresh C4.




I've talked a lot about the Javelin role, but I think it's key. But it's not possible without everyone else. So...everyone else lines up along the wall. Two more over to the right covering the opposite hillside, one with the Javelin guy looking down to the left. Just grenade launcher the crap out of the infantry. They will occasionally make it up the hill. We occasionally had them behind us and I'm not sure exactly where from, either some slipped up the valley road, but most likely were passengers in the vehicles up the rear road. It's probably a good idea to have a backup Javelin guy in case he dies so for a short period of time he can take up duties. Occasionally tanks and APCs will make it to the rear of the base so either periodically check or more than likely you will become aware due to getting fired at from behind. When all the initial mines have been used up you can either keep placing C4 (3 of us were doing it) and blowing it when the vehicles come to a stop (either at the end of the rear road, or if they get past the Javelin guy at the end of the valley road in the camp). If you C4 a tank you should pick up the 'Lethal Modelling Clay' achievement if you don't already have it.


We rarely used the airstrike, etc., but my best guess would be to use it on the hillside.


We only had one death between us four, but it may be wise to let someone die if you feel you would like more mines as you can't resupply otherwise. Do what you feel best here. Those vehicles at the rear can be troublesome, so if you feel like it, let someone die and resupply that way.


You can get a lot of points when they are 'bugging out' as they are not shooting you and tend to gagglef**k at that point :uzi:


I also believe that grenade kills net you more points, hence why grenading is the way to go. We had this wrapped up towards the end of Stage 5 I believe. It took us 90 minutes.


Once you pass 666,667 points it's probably best to see out the wave before running to the chopper, safer that way. Everyone has to extract for everyone to get the 1.5x multiplier.


** SOLUTION IN PROGRESS - As I remember more and ask my co-op colleagues to look over this guide I'll refine it. If you see a way to improve it please leave a constructive comment so it can be improved for the benefit of everyone. Thanks.**

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Thanks for the positive feedback. Have you tried using my guide? Did it work? Any suggestions for improvements?


Have tried Hold the Line. Got to 326,000 (need 333,334) with the same group before the host had his xbox freeze. We will do it Thursday night which is the first time we can all get back on again.


I'll write a guide once we refine the technique, needless to say I'm the Javelin guy again :-) It's more frenzied and you get killed a lot more, but we would have cleared the gold medal easily.

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Great guide.


Your "Javelin Guy" approach would definitely seem like the way to go if you're the only Grenadier or are playing with some random people who maybe aren't working together as well as they could be.


If you can count on another Grenadier or two on your team, though, I think just keeping both roads AT mined, committing suicide as needed to get more, is a little easier. But that might be my hatred of the Javelin talking, I don't know.


Looking forward to your Hold the Line strat.

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Great guide.


Your "Javelin Guy" approach would definitely seem like the way to go if you're the only Grenadier or are playing with some random people who maybe aren't working together as well as they could be.


If you can count on another Grenadier or two on your team, though, I think just keeping both roads AT mined, committing suicide as needed to get more, is a little easier. But that might be my hatred of the Javelin talking, I don't know.


Looking forward to your Hold the Line strat.


Lol, I know what you mean, I started off hating the Javelin, but it's my friend now. If you don't take out the attack choppers they will rape you. The Javelin approach requires discipline, but meant we only had a single death and it was pretty straight forward with no drama. if you can take out all the vehicles early enough though with this guy, it leaves everyone else to just focus on infantry. This way you ought to be able to keep the areas clearer and rack u pthe points quicker. I think we could have gone on for hours though once we had the technique honed. Keep the feedback coming :-)

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This is a really awesome guide!

Do you have advice for the Hold the Line map?


Great guide.


Looking forward to your Hold the Line strat.


I've posted a guide to Hold the Line. Not as thorough as this one as have not held the role looking out to the west, so feedback welcome: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=319513

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Just did this tonight relatively easily with just three people. The humans were; 2 grenadiers and a rifleman, we set the AI as a sniper with the b-mod T4 and special S7. The two grenadiers both got a scoped gun from the rifleman after he suicided at the start (-100 points) and then both picked up javelins. We then mined the back road and left it to our rifleman to take out all vehicles at the front with his javelin. The ai was told to hold ground at the southern edge of the wall which overlooks area 1, and this is where the whole team camped the entire game. If the rifleman needed help taking out a vehicle or heli, one of the grenadiers was always on hand with a javelin.

Its odd that the further you progress the easier it gets because many of the troops are replaced by tanks or attack helis which go down very easily.

Using this technique the ai scores a huge amount of points and in no way weakens the teams ability to survive.

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