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$1,000,000 question

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Has anyone ever got through one game show to the final question and answered everything correctly in one go with just your current knowledge and skill? That means not having to answer the same question twice within the whole game where you actually remember it.


Personally, as someone who really would like to have vast knowledge of all the subjects covered during my elementary school days, I have been trying to do just that, but there are some very very difficult questions. Games like this really makes you want to restudy these things.

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Same as above. I love science and hate geography. But to answer the question: yes, I have done this a few times. It might help that I start with the "hard" questions first and then go down the list. Personally, I think the final question is usually the only difficult one; it can be rather finicky at times; much like most Family Feud games I've played.

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Not to brag, but I happened to do it on my second try, but I will confess to cheating. Making it to the million dollar question wasn't terribly difficult, but the only reason I got the million dollar question is because I whipped out my WP7, opened IE and looked it up. lol


An achievement was too much to gamble on just because I had no idea how to spell "liaison" :woop:

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