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It's official! They're finally doing it!


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Guest King_Brain

just buy that game and cant believe i can´t play it online with my friend and also cant geht the achievements -.-

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I can't help but wonder, how much does it actually cost for EA to maintain any one given server. I mean, really. How much could it possibly cost for some IT guy in the EA server room in their secret underground dungeon/bunker/fortress to make sure that any one given server is maintained. This is just another entry on the long list of reasons why I hate EA more and more with each passing day. I just hope (beyond hope) that someone on EA's payroll somewhere might see this thread, especially #4's post. Why put online achievements in games? I have no problem at all with multiplayer. I just think it is more than a little callous on the part of EA to force developers to keep including these bullshit online "ranked" (hah!) achievements in their games. Most people boost them, anyway. Usually, for good reason. Usually, that reason is mediocre to horrible multiplayer features attached to a cool to kickass single player/co-op game that people want to complete. In this case, (and a few others), EA is simply saying, "hey, fuck you, consumer, AGAIN." It makes me more than a little nervous about when they're going to do this to other games that I want to get achievements in. And it definitely makes me not want to ever buy another EA game. Maybe EA will figure it out one day. I'm not holding my breath. EA sucks, end of story.

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