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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

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With the Emperor's Champion achievement, all five missions have the same time requirements.


2:00 Bronze

2:30 Silver

3:00 Gold


If you have any trouble with it, either continue in campaign or replay an earlier level with a different marine to unlock better perks. You should have no problems with the highest level ones and best weapons.

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Warning for Chapter Master. I had two spearate playthroughs as different characters while playing locally and only one counted. For this achievement to count, you have to play solo once and even if you play coop twice through with two different chracters it will not count. You MUST play through once by yourself (solo.) [Just a warning for those of us who are playing through this completely with a friend on the same screen.]


Mister Buds:

for the 'chapter master' achievement does each chapter need to be beaten with the same two space marines? i did the first three chapters with the stenguard veteran and techmarine. i seem to be unable to beat the fourth chapter with the techmarine though. i just keep dying over and over and it's getting really annoying.


Yes. You need to beat all five chapters with both space marines. So the Techmarine must complete all five chapters or this does not count as a complete run through with this character. So you must beat both chapter 4 and 5 with the techmarine and stenguard veteran in order to complete the achievement.

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Complete a mission without using melee.


Best done with a ranged class such as the Techmarine or Stemguard Veteran and just rely on your gun and specials (which you will do for 95% of the game anyway), just make sure you don't hit A during the course of the mission. Any class can do this, and overall it's easiest for all of the classes to do it on the first mission (especially with a Melee-based class).


I played Mission 1 as the Vanguard Veteran and although I used the Special Ability* I DID NOT touch :abut: and I did not unlock the Devastator Achievement.


Also I turned on a second controller, signed in a local profile (no LIVE) and got the in-game message "Only Player 1 can earn Achievements" or something like that, and I did not unlock Chapter Brother.


I did unlock the Power Sword for Space Marine :)


*NOTE In Space Marine there's an achievement called Burn Them All which is earned by using only ranged Plasma weapons, and using Melee -OR- the Charge Attack will prevent it from unlocking! I wonder if Kill Team thinks the Vanguard Veteran special attack is Melee?

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I used Sterguard Veteran. Used a 2nd controller for half the level. I died twice as did player 2. Yet I still unlocked Honor in my Shield? Don't know how exactly, but I'll take that glitch quite happily.


As for Bloodbath. When I was up against Weird Boy at the end of Chapter 2. I waited for all the small orks to run out. Then I ripped them all with my Plasma Cannon and got that achievement there. Such a fun game, glad I got it. Might try the retail version

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