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region lock?


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setting this thread up for the release date with the all important question that overseas gamers want to know.

will this game be region locked?

i hope not ._.atlus don't make me buy a ps3 just to play this.


so yep, if any americans have access to a pal xbox and can test this in the future when its released post here to let us know.


-isn't looking forward to googling to find misinformed answers and then make a purchase of a game she can't use. again- xD

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Will it work for Xbox 360 Asia Version (NTSC-J) ?

Info please. Thanx.

Because there's one person who trust the US version will work at Xbox 360 NTSC-J (Asia Version) !!!!!

I doubt, because if i search in any website, like play*sia.com there's NO one version which can play at Xbox 360 (NTSC-J)/Asia Version.

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