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So... Catherine or Katherine?


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If I had to choose either Catherine or Katherine. I'd choose Catherine. Despite being crazy, she's got the looks and encourages a free lifestyle.


I'll clear some things about Erica up. Spoilers about Erica below. Don't read if you haven't played yet!


Hints about Erica's sex-change were dropped all throughout the game.


-When Toby started getting attached to her, the other guys felt uneasy and said they'd have to do something about it.

-Erica gives some advice to Vincent about the way to a woman's heart, and he replies that he'd feel at ease if that actually was coming from a woman.

-In a discussion about women's wrestling, Erica says she should try out, and Vincent states they wouldn't let in in the first place.

-After Toby loses his "V-Card" to Erica, he tells the others (who are absolutely in shock) that it was "kind of weird", though he isn't sure why. She begins to have nightmares (despite never been seen in the stages), and Toby says "Gender must not matter" and Orlando mumbles "I'm not so sure..."

-In the True Lover ending, Toby shouts "Ahhh! The other guys knew you as Eric back in school!"

-Her sex change is implied to have happened after school when she "disappeared" for a long duration of time (to stay with a friend). It's possible that she disappeared as Eric, and returned as Erica.


Regardless, I'd still hook up with Erica. :p

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