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Achievement Trading Thread

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I could also do with some help with these as well. :)


Quick matches don't seem to match me with anyone with a mic and it's hard to organize a stategy with a load of mutes :(









<< GT if anyone wants to add me :)

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I'm willing to work with some people, send me a message if you want to try it with me.


GT: FrozenImplosion


I am actually pretty good at the thing by myself but I'm not so sure I could make it all the way to 1,000,000 since I've only made it like 670,000

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Looking for people to complete the Shadow Hunter DLC with it. To get the achievements and survive 4 bosses, it looks like you really need 3-4 people working together. If anyone is interested, send a message on Live and FR. I work from home alot so I can be online pretty much whenever.

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