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Crystal Puzzle guide.

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Just thought this may help others out.


It matters which way the crystals are facing. If you put a color in and it doesnt work, mess with the way you have it in the hole. Turn them around and even turn them upside side down and from there even flip them around. Look at their facets.


Blue Crystal Chamber:

Listed starting at the laser source. The starting crystal is ALWAYS yellow.


upper left: Yellow, Green, Green, Green

Upper Right: Yellow, Blue

Lower left: Yellow

Lower right: Yellow



Side Crystal Puzzel:


Crystal puzzle to the left of the blue kind of in the middle of the ice world where you work them in almost a circle in order to destroy the red thing blocking the path:


Yellow, Green, Green, Green



Big Red Crystal:

Now you need to destroy the big red crystal.


If you look at the map where the entrance to the area is you will see an area to the top of the ice area that isnt ice, its a lake and has a current blocking the area past it. The green things hanging from the cave ceiling are fruit or something. Pick one and drop by the entrance where the current is. This will lure the monster toward you and you can grab onto him and move past the current to get the red crystal fragment. (Dont forget the concept art he is guarding) Drag the red crystal fragment back to the red crystal and place it in the broken area. Then use your laser weapon (that you got from killing the ice boss) on the left crystal sticking out of it. It explodes and you can continue to the next area.



My other helpful threads:


Map with important locations:



Concept art Locations:



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Easy electrical boss strategy:



How to properly navigate the ocean current to reach the lower area:



Weird 100% bug and how to fix it.


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I found out where the red crystal is. If you go east of the red crystal for a little bit and head north the at the first tunnel while you are heading east you will run into a pool of water being block off by a current. Behind the current is the crystal you need to solve the red crystal puzzle. I don't know how to get past the current though.


Edit: solved it. nevermind

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