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To anyone struggling with Babel Achievements...


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I 1ked this game a few weeks ago and may I say that I did them all in pairs, except for Menhir. Axis Mundi was suprising easy once I practiced it a bit. I was really good at the edge mechanic and seeing the best way to make a solid foundation without compromising the tower; while my friend was better at seeing the solutions to the more complex puzzles starting around 115 steps. Once he had a solution worked out, I was able to build the foundation. A few time we had to pull some crazy moves in order to get ourselves unstuck as we both occasionally by accident screwed the other one over by pulling the wrong block.


Menhir I did solo just because it was a little difficult getting two people past all the bomb blocks which in my game were more numerous and poorly placed than any other type. Every time I would get to the more narrow parts and unavoidable bomb block would be in my way on pairs.


Overall I didn't find the babel stages to bad but then again I will say I have a knack for puzzle games been playing them forever. Give a shout out if you remember Fire & Ice on the original NES as that had to be the absolute hardest puzzle game i have ever played.

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So from what im reading people are doing these alone with a second controller? Or did you guys find a partner. I've beaten the game multiple times and rapunzel (beat as much as I could by myself without walkthroughs) all i have are stages 7-9 on hard to gold and unlock axis mundi. Is it easy to do alone with a controller? My main concern with this is the tower would collapse before I would be able to switch between characters and climbing but I cant find a friend whos good enough at the game to assist me.

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If you're not trying to be the best Catherine player in the world and just want the achievements, do yourself a huge favor and play PAIRS.


Even if you don't have a friend to play with, PAIRS by yourself with 2 controllers is so much more easier then playing solo.


Reasons Why:


1. Less steps.

PAIRS Alter: 106 steps

PAIRS Menhir: 130something... I forgot to take note.

PAIRS Obelisk: 154 steps

PAIRS Axismundi: 168 steps


2. Simpler Blocks

The game compensates the fact that you're playing with two people and gives easier blocks to deal with (i.e less cracked blocks, wider areas to work with)


3. Less/simpler strategy specific

While you can do a pairs Inazuma, you don't need it for PAIRS. The basic push/pulls, tornados, spider crawls, and push into the background to generate new blocks to work with is all you need.


Just to give an idea how much easier it is with PAIRS, I never made it past 130 solo on Alter after multiple hours spent, but I completed it first try in pairs.


Well... time for me to celebrate my 1k in Catherine. :drunk



Nice. Great tip. Will try this soon. Thanks so much :D

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I've got 45 achievements unlocked. I might stop there. I only beat the game because I did what the videos did. Even on 9-5 and 9-6, as even though it took me forever and there were moments I had to improvise, my improvisations were minor and then I just resumed following the videos the moment I got past the problem. Playing the whole game like that, well, I can't process the puzzles on my own. Doing the two controller trick just made it worse, as I had to think twice as much.

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Well, this forum has certainly stayed dead. With the Xbox One coming out later this year, I'm not going to be able to buy games as I need to save up for November. So over the next few months, I plan on trying to get the few achievements that have eluded me over the years. Most of the achievements for other games were denied to me because of glitches, but these... these ones are just very, very hard.


I managed to get the altar achievement today. I can't wrap my head around a lot of these strategies, and only managed to beat altar because I got stuck and started desperately pushing random blocks so that other blocks would fall. I successfully made a path that worked. I'm pretty sure I can't do that on any of the other babel stages.


I guess I'll just keep trying - even if it's only two-or-three tries per day. It's not like I have anything else to play.


Edit: June 30th - beat Menhir.


Edit: June 30th - beat Obelisk. That was tense, but it seemed easier than Menhir. The part where it split into two different towers was the hardest area, especially with all of the random blocks.


Edit: June 30th - beat Axis Mundi. I honestly have no idea how I went from completely sucking at this game to beating all of them in the span of a few hours. Just keep trying if you're having trouble, I guess.

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^^^ Best post ever? That's some serious Babel domination.


I got Atlas done a while ago. Been plugging away at Menhir and Obelisk. Finally got Menhir last night; have had a few good runs at Obelisk but keep messing up in the low 100's. The more you play the more you recognize the patterns and how to get throught them and the Youtube videos help even though there is some randomness to the drops.


One think I picked up from watching Youtube is how fast some people are working both controllers, especially through the easier/repetitive sections. I think that helps give you a little breathing room or time to adjust if you screw up.


Axis still gives me fits and seems to be the hardest. Hopefully with a few more tries I will start to get it.


I'm on the same plan for cleaning up prior to Xbox One. I've got about 20 non-DLC achievements remaining most of which are mega-grinds (Star Ocean, Gears 1 seriously). Finishing Catherine and the challenges on Vanquish are going to require the most skill.

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I still don't know how I did it. I was never able to study and remember the strategies, so I just learned them the hard way through trial and error. Once I got the hang of a simple strategy - where you take a block from the middle and push it to the edge of your landing to form stairs - things started progressing much quicker. I always made stairs, but before then, I was doing it the hard way and wrecking my landings.


I was never able to control both characters quickly. As I said in my first post, that just confused me. I always moved one character at a time - except in the few instances where I had to pull a block with one character and push it with the other in order to maintain block integrity.


I was still seeing blocks when I closed my eyes for a week after I finished. Thinking about strategies and what-have-you. It wasn't fun.


The big achievement I'm trying to tackle now is Max Payne 3's New York Minute Hardcore. It's more tedious than hard because you have to watch all of the cutscenes over again when you die, and then there's the disk switching. I might not be able to get that one.

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Finally got Axis last night after Obelisk the day before! On that final Axis run it was ridiculously easy. Not sure if I just got good drops or if I had maintained a better base or what. I was shocked. Maybe the game just felt sorry for me. Was seeing blocks in my head while trying to go to sleep last night.


Now I just need the last Rapunzel achievement which isn't hard just a grind then get all Gold on Hard.

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