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What did you break while playing Kinect?


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I haven't broke anything yet, but have had a few close calls with the bookshelf that holds most of the games - its just within the swing range and I've smashed my knuckles against it a few times.


My hubby on the other hand almost broke his neck but getting his foot caught on the edge of the area rug :/

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The Kinect itself. While playing Micro 5 Challenge or whatever it's called...all the jumping knocked the Kinect off the top of my TV and it broke the white ball where the sensor sits on the stand. Now it wobbles there...it was due to a stupid wood floor we had with weak foundation or something, because others have said they had no such issues with wood floors. All I know is that everything shook whenever you jump...and I'm not heavy, only 160 some odd pounds.


We have carpet in this new place, nothing shakes upon jumping so I was able to finish the game off.

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when my brother first got his kinect he broke the kinect itself because it wasnt tilting and he thought he could tilt it himself, of course that broke it.

Luckily this was before the kinects came out because my brother got a chance to be one of beta testers for it so he got that one for free

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