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Are you also hurting from playing a Kinect game?


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I have played a lot of Fruit Ninja Kinect these last couple of days and am really sore in my shoulders, arms and top sides of my back :o


I have also been extremely sore and exhausted after raising my knee to my ear a gazillion times in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved :Bounce:


Yes, I know I should be in better shape, but I was just wondering if there are other players feeling the pain or actually getting some injuries on the Kinect frontlines?

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Yeah I will admit Kinect games make me sore sometimes. Once I stayed up all night playing Gears of War 2 then my step-daughter had her friends over the next day. We all ended up playing Kinect sports and there is some ridiculous sprinting game where you have to sprint until you make it into the green zones then stop, then sprint again etc. I was sore after that day...

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Those were clearly spam posts, because it's such a chore to get a 5 post count.


Anyhow, I'm quite sore right now. I haven't touched my Kinect in maybe 2 months, so I decided to play Wipeout and Kinect Sports, two titles I've had for awhile but never touched. Despite all the running for both games my legs feel alright after a night's rest and some stretching, but my shoulders are killing me from the throwing events in Kinect Sports. Going to take the day off tomorrow :p


EDIT: Holy crap I lied. Just went up some stairs and my legs are killing me now. My back is also extremely sore.

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i got my kinect yesterday an downloaded fruit ninja straight away. I played it so much that i slept late and woke up with sore shoulders. Best arcade buy ive done.


Yeah I've also played too much Fruit Ninja Kinect where I felt like my arms were about to fall off... it's mostly because of that damn Pomegranate.

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