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Achievement Trading Thread


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Could somebody please invite me to an elite co-op quest? I'm in the server Alexandria.

Refer to this thread for help on elite quests and other achievements. Their is a really simple way to complete the elite quest found there.



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Searching LV 40 player for "Minoan Defense 40G - Complete "The Elite Meet in Crete". " Quest is avaible at lv 40 in crete. Add me or write a message to -> Dragoner28 if you are interested...


Edit: I have managed it to wave 36 with a random ally who wasn´t really good (he only had 3 weapon factorys for the whole game and built nothing other than ballistas, so if a few of his ballistas died he has nearly nothing for a long time because there were only 3 factories -> shitty BO and bad micro). So I think with a good teamplayer and a fixed tactic we can manage all waves.

Server Argos: But I would transfer to another server

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I Have the Library and willing to share in exchange for anyone with the Spartan Academy or Tomb to do the same. (Spartan Academy, or one of the other buildings I think, is not tradeable atm, but is a confirmed bug and will be fixed soon)


Also looking for some nicely specced and competent premium players 35-40 for Elite Meet in Crete and You Complete Me, as well as just helping each other out with materials & crafting, Defense of Crete etc.


I also have 4 of the 6 epic shops (missing the two lvl40 ones) set up, so '/visit Ellusion no' if you want to have a look.


Abydos server only.

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No replies from the people in this thread/the posts above so far... well... ;)


Looking for a (good) lvl 40 co-op partner to do the "The Elite Meet in Crete" quest/achievement. I'm currently on Delphi but can transfer to another server. GMT preferred. I'm playing Greeks, lvl 40, mostly epic equipped, ...

This quest isn't easy, so be prepared :uzi:. . .


Add me/send me a message over live.

GT: Martin Zed



Edit: DONE! :woop:

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I'm looking for those that are either looking for help or can help me out with quests via co-op. I am currently Level 18 Egyptian and am on the "No One to Trifle With" quest. I'm willing to help out with those just starting and also for those of you that can help out someone who is kind of a novice at AOE:O, it would be appreciated.


I am on the Alexandria server mainly, and usually am online late night as well as mid-days. Feel free to friend me. Gamertag is CardHawk77.

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