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Looking For Allies


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I just thought I would start a thread for people looking for friends to add for this game. I know there is already an achievement trading thread but you can post here mainly if you are looking for friends to play this game with. Please make sure to state which server you are on.


If anyone wants to add me feel free, just send me a message as well so I know who you are. I am on Abydos Server



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You can add me as well. I'm Greek level 15 and Egyptian level 10.


I think there is an achievement for completing a quest from a friend's city that I'd like to get.


edit: I'm on the Athens realm. I tried to go to a friend's city to do a quest and I guess I need to be on his server or something.


edit#2: I'm in the process of transferring to Abydos. Figure since that is where the OP is, that is where I'll go. I'm a bit slow and didn't notice his post said Abydos until now.

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GT: RayJay90

Server: Marathon


Greek - 13 (non-premium)

Persian : 40

Egyptian : 40 (non- premium)

Celts: 40


I am interested in any Defense of Crete.

Elite Meet in Crete - I should be able to get this quest again in a few days.

Alliance Quest - Imhotep

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Looking for som buddies, I started this game when itfirst came out. I have a lvl 40 greek, and egyptian civ. Both are geared very good. I just started playing this game again, after a little hiatus. I have been a very experienced RTS player for many years.


All my civs are on Marathon, and if you would like to team up. Add: Goatlegged

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Need some good guys for some quests.


Got Egypt on LV 35 and Greeks on LV 11 (bought it yesterday), so add me if you are interested!


If you want to know how i play all my games, i tell ya:


First i am only looking for collecting resources and buildings. After i explored ALL technologies, i am training my warriors. Till then i am defensive and i love to build watchtowers. When i have got my maximum capacity of 200 population full of warriors i start the brute-force attack and mash everything up. Maybe this can help you, if we play together.


So i am looking for good players who play offensive.

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