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Carry over?

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They have actually announced that having a DR2 save will unlock Chuck's outfit. It would be nice if we could start at a higher level for having a DR1 save, similar to Chuck starting a lv 5 if you reached lv 5-7 in Case Zero or starting at lv 5 in Mass Effect 2 if you import a maxed-out lv 60 Shepard from ME1.

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I just started it and when I create a new Game it shows me "DR2 save detected! Ijiek Jacked unlocked".


Sorry the below was wrong, I already had a Save for OTR so that's where the PP and Money came from:

Below on the Character Info it shows me Lv. 1 with a Total PP 10,975 and Total Money of $18,750 so I guess the XP and Money was also imported from DR2? So it would be better to really finish DR2 first before playing this part it seems. I just played DR2 30min or so but I thought I need to play Off the Record first to get money imported to DR2? hmmm...

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wrong info
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