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Trading or Selling Thread


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LVL 3 Weathered Work Clothes Crafting Recipe (Religion)

LVL 4 Weathered Training Scroll Crafting Recipe (Construction)

LVL 5 Aged Wicker Baskets Crafting Recipe (Craftsmen)

LVL 5 Aged Defense Walls Crafting Recipe (Construction)

LVL 8 Ornate Serpent Bow Crafting Recipe (Archery)

LVL 15 Standard Bulwark Walls Crafting Recipe (Construction)

Uncommon Special Ability: Cattle Rustler Crafting Recipe (Craftsmen)

Oak Plank Crafting Recipe

Storstufactium Blueprint



Infantry Crafting Recipes

Cavalry Crafting Recipes







EDIT: Thought it may be a good idea to add which crafting schools you have as well, so if someone finds a recipe for a crafting school they don't have they can refer to this thread to see who they can trade it with.

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I currently have the library if anyone wants to buy it off me once I place it down I paid 5000 for it so for 5000 you could have it to then sell it on so on and so forth. Just waiting for the delphi missions. Message me on xbox live with message thank you. best be quick though because if I put it on trade channel it might get snapped up quick

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