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Battle with yourself - * SPOILERS *

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During the 2nd generation when extra evil Mimal splits off from regular Mimal you chase after her, eventually catching up with her and the battle begins. I've tried this every which way I can imagine for hours just to get wiped out with one turn. She seems to get a ridiculous amount of SP each turn and always goes for the hardest hitting skills. She is a level 80 and my team is from 66 to 70.


Does anybody have any pointers? Grinding up that high is going to take forever and I'm really close to just buying a bunch of dlc points and going to town. It's really pissing me off - I've been holding up pretty damn good up to this point but the difficulty spike is terrible :mad:


Edit - I bought one of the 80 MS points dungeons and grinded up to 85 pretty quickly. The key is to just make sure you don't bunch up your team for her to wipe out all at once.

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I finally won!
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I haven't quite made it to this fight yet but I know its coming. All the bosses seem to have an AOE attack (usually an EX skill) that strikes out 4 squares just kill any peons so the boss doesnt link hop and wipe out the rest of your team and he/she/it will attack the closest guy you have to him. just link the rest of your characters far away and build up SP using heal/buffs while you let you tank take huge damage and usually die. just resurrent, repeat, and unleash all hell with your EX attacks. just make sure your characters have good MOV stats so they can retreat if your barrage isnt quite enough for the kill for whatever reason (believe me, ive found this out many time XD).

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