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How do you get married?

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I'm trying to get the achievement for completing a generation with someone in love with you. I messed up the 1st generation and I had 2 in love with me at the end of the 2nd, but got no chieevo :mad:. I searched around and saw that some people were saying you have to get married after getting the girls up to 6 on the affection meter. Maybe I'm just missing something but I cannot figure out how the hell to do this. Please help!!!

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I havn't reached the end of either generation yet, but from what I've read it looks like before the last battle you will have an option to pick one of the girls that is at lvl 6. :)


*EDIT - I just finished generation 1 and right before it switched over it gave me the option of what girl I wanted, followed by a very nice marriage scene! Sayane ftw ^^

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