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Glitch in R&D Throttle Map upgrade?


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I'm in Season 5 McLaren going for the expert achievement.


On Race 4 Shanghai I did the R&D objective, accelerated time and progressed to qualifying as normal. But now in Race 5 I don't have the Throttle Map Fast setting available! I'm pretty sure that in Shanghai it said the upgrade was for the Throtte Map, and that I got the lap time and progressed as normal.


I'm doing short race weekends and have got every other upgrade in the career so far. This only thing I did different this time was after the autosave at the start of qualifying I quit to dashboard to copy the save. But this shouldn't make any difference.


Has anyone else had a problem with not getting an upgrade, or it given in a later race?


How much of a difference does not having the 'Fast' setting make, given that I'm doing expert? I'm wondering whether I should start the season again.

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