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What is digest mode?

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The worst part is that I'm pretty sure I'm in it :confused: I never played the 1st game so I didn't import a save, but I did recently finish up normal mode and started extra mode. Extra mode started just like normal mode but after a bit when I had access to the field map I noticed a new location on the map and went there. Now I'm playing a completely different story and the game has a completely different interface. There are new characters I have never seen and they don't have the animations that they did in normal mode.


Can somebody please explain what is going on. Is this some other game? How long is it? Is there more of these? What the hell is a boundry plane? Thanks in advance!

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What you're playing is digest mode, which is the first Record of Agarest, minus the red dot battles. You'll always get the true end for it, regardless of the choices you make, and the brides are preset as well. There are five generations to play though, as well as the post game content, so it's hard to give you an accurate estimate of how long it is, as mileage varies by player.


Zero has the boundry's edge, a post game zone available for getting the true end. The boundry plane is the same thing for the original Agarest, although to access the vast majority of it you'll need to have cleared the boundry's edge first.

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