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Here is a list to show the relation to RP from online mode. The list is still half way so if there is any add up please post.



Play - 50 pts

Win - 450 pts

No Damage: it is ok if u lose a round, just keep 2 prefect win - 1500 pts

Straight - 100pts

K. O. - 50pts

Perfect - 300pts

Super! - 200pts

Critical! - 300pts

Extend! - 400pts

Arcana! - 200pts

Blades - 300pts

First Attack - 20pts

Character Bonus

Heart : Land a Suggoi Heartful Punch - 50pts

Saki : ____________________ - 50pts

Kamui : Land each of the four different charged version attacks. - 200pts

Konoha : __________________ - 30pts

Maori : __________________ - 20pts

Mei-feng : Land each of the four guardian beast attacks - __pts

Lilica : ___________________ - 50pts

Lieselotte : Make 5 Markings - 50pts

Yoriko : ________________ - __pts

Kira : Land all of the Ekodashiki special attacks - 250pts

Fiona : Get a clean hit off of a special attack with Sacred in its name - 400pts

Petra : Spend your ether cart about 15 times. - 30pts

Zenia : Have Just timing when charging the Edinorog - 50pts

Dorothy : Make a Royal Straight Flush - 50pts

Elsa : Land the follow-ups of all three supers - 300pts

Clarice : Land Il Chroma - 50pts

Cathyrine : Land CH and carry through to the final stage of the attack - 400pts

Angielica : Land her dropkick at max charge - 300pts

Akane : Land her CH at stage 4 or 5 (35, 101 hits) - 200pts

Nazuna : Land CH successfully - 200pts

Weiss : Equip sword, then deal 6000 damage in 1 combo - 100pts

Eko : Use Cinderella!! at a matching time counter - __pts

Scharlachrot : Exploding fulcrum 10 times - 50pts

(Missing character could be similar to the achievement)


Player Match could have more than 1 character bonus per round, so if you have a turbo control, recommend boosting:

Dorothy(no turbo boost), Petra, Scharlachrot


Dorothy 10 RP boosting method (2200+)

Player match

Round: 1

Time: 99sec

Simple mode (normal is ok if you know how to throw your card fast)

When the game started, both player jump to each concern. Press B>B>B (throw 3 cards) in a roll, then Mid air 4B (set a card in the air), follow up ground 4B (send a card covered). When success the card turn into spades and jump toward the enemy (This is the character bonus). The other player could do the same trick cancel out spades, survivor 99 sec and repeat the procedure to get 2200+ RP further 260RP from win and first attack.


Happy Boosting

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