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Achievement Guide, Roadmap

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Cross Channel In Memory of All People



Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10

Estimated time for 1000: 12~million hours. (depends how well you follow the walkthrough. seriously read all the warnings and do not skip a line.)

Minimum playthroughs: 1

Missable achievements: None

Glitched achievements: None

Offline: 40 (1000)

Online: 0 (0)

Cheats disable achievements: No cheats


Achievement Guide


Follow this walkthrough to get all achievements except the two listed below. Make sure to read the warnings in the walkthrough very carefully. Please don't come crying to me because you ignored the warnings and ended up with 99.997% dialogue at the end of the walkthrough. There is no way to find which dialogue you missed, so your only option is to start over from the beginning and do the whole thing over which will take about 3x more than your first time through because of a bug in the game that slows the game down about 3x after playing around 4-5 hours.


Do these two achievements last to save yourself the frustration.



「ANOTHER STORY」に登場する、美希の本当の台詞をバックログで音声再生した


Start Another Story. Press Back to skip to the end. Press Y to open the back log. Scroll up until you see a speaker volume icon with text [... PYF [EKBS, A) [email protected]] and some Japanese text below it. Press Y on both of those lines and the achievement will unlock.





You need to make any chapter go back to the beginning (loop a chapter) 100 times. The part we will loop is this one found in the walkthrough. (If you followed the walkthrough you have a save file for this)


一年教室 (58.318% / 64.754%)

接近する (58.371% / 65.574%)


The second selection will make the game loop back to the first selection. To speed this up make a selection, press back to skip to next choice. After looping 18 times, you will automatically get the bad ending. So, load up the game again and keep repeating until you get the achievement.


It doesn't necessarily have to be this loop as making the "wrong" choices in any chapter will force the game to go back to the beginning of the chapter. So, if you don't have a save, you can just make any choice that will force the game to go back to the beginning and keep repeating until you get the achievement.

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