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Co-op Championship Partners Thread


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Gamertag: Tendoman77

Time zone: GMT0

Time online: Anytime after 12pm

How regularly: Pretty much every day


I'm usually great with racing games but sometimes I have my off-road moments. Would like to have a really great and fun time with my partner and always enjoying the moments even when we may accidently take each other out one race xD


A mic would be prefered too please

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Hello, i'm driving ok, i made few mistake, but i don't ram someone at full speed if you know what i'm talking about.


Gamertag: MADTJ2

Time zone: GMT -8 (California, USA)

Time online: afternoon to late morning (work overnight)

How regularly: pretty much everyday


Edit: No one add me? i'm still need Co-op.

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Gamertag: Aria Arietta

Time zone: PDT

Time online (weekdays/ends): Mornings - 3:00PM (depending if I'm working or not)

How regularly: Every day of the week (Work may cut game time short)


Looking to play with any driver as long we have fun competitive sessions (no contact with each other, with AI its fine). Would prefer race distance to be 50% - 100% but flexible to minimum of 20%. Participation level can be short or long weekend.


Prefer Simulation on Full (Tyres, fuel, damage, rules/flags on)

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Im looking for a player to partner me with mclaren, i will be 1st driver, i work 4 on 4 off but go back to work saturday so must be flexible and not leave halfway through the season etc.


Tyre Wear:YES





Race Distance:20%


If this interests you, add me (gt below), please no time wasters, i am looking for achievements but also wanna fun kind of racing!

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Need to run through all co-op achievements. Need championship, constructers and full season achievements. Don't care about what team, jus want easy difficulty and to just run through them all. Will be online from 11pm GMT tonight so send me a friend request or just a message over Xbox live if interested. Unfortunately I don't have a headset anymore as it broke so won't be able to talk.


Gamertag - CoolHwip1

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