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Co-op Championship Partners Thread


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I will be looking for a partner to get the co-op championship achievement, am a fair driver and am willing to help you achieve this too.


I am uk time and am available most evenings altho not until next week but feel free to add me if you are interested on just send a message.


GT pauldavey171

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If anyone wants to work on the Co-op with me, send me a message saying your from here, then a friend invite.


I would like to work with someone from The Eastern Part of North America, if possible. Be easier on me so I know what time to be on.


Thank You

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Gamertag: mott1993

Time zone: GMT

Time online: 4-6pm (Monday-Friday)

How regularly: Most of those days


Was thinking that we could take it in turns winning a 3-lap race for one season, then reverse the roles for the next (ie. Player 1 wins at Melbourne, player 2 wins at Malaysia etc, then in second season Player 2 wins at Melbourne and player 1 wins at Malaysia)


This seems a fair way for both to win the WDC in Co-Op :)

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Hi. Looking for a co-op partner for the championship and trading the online wins.

Am thinking a short race and easy AI, driver aids whatever your comfortable with.

I'm usually online from about 4:30 for a couple of hours each day. Sometimes earlier.

GMT timezone

Gamertag: Shaunstarr

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Anyone up for charging through a couple of seasons doing 3 laps on normal, properly fighting it out instead of trading wins? Happy to do a second season to let you win if needed.


I play on Professional but with the shorter race dis think it would be better to go down to norm.

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Looking for someone to do the 3 co-op achievements with


Would like to blast through as quick as possible, so looking at


easy A.I

1 lap qualifying

3 lap races


Obviously we will have to play through 2 seasons to get all the achievements


im available anytime, anyone interested just message me on xbox


GT = uk most hated



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